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Hair Curls Tutorial

WARNING: LARGE file ahead!!!

I was simply blown away by how many people were interested in seeing a tutorial on how I draw the curls for my characters' hair. :O_o: So I figured, with all the response, I'd try and make a tutorial. It DID end up taking a long time to make, so I obviously won't be making alot of tutorials in future. X3

Still, I hope this gives some people an idea about how I do them - and ways that you can practice and learn with until you develop your own style.

As for the picture, it will eventually be another one of my berry princess'. This one for 'Blackberries'.

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seasaidh's avatar
Beautiful tutorial!
blingsparks101's avatar
Cool, I've been looking for a way to draw the tighter curls for a while thanks :)
ZhivagoDarke's avatar
Love this, thanks so much!
Zyros666's avatar
Curls have to be the most irritating hair styles for me. O__o Hopefully this'll help and curls won't look so hinky.
Ferkru's avatar
i use it to draw the curls of one of my characters :) thanks!
123carebear456's avatar
the click thingy wont work :(
luchiachan's avatar
You have to download the image :heart:
123carebear456's avatar
luchiachan's avatar
Its not hard though! just near the 'favorite' button there's a 'download image'. And it doesn't take, like, any space or anything in ur computer.
123carebear456's avatar
ok ok im not stupid!!! ish~
luchiachan's avatar
XxKaziaOlayexX's avatar
XxKaziaOlayexX's avatar
Me like a lots!!!!!!
woofmix3's avatar
D: I NEED to draw curls ;W;
Swevenzre's avatar
Even WITH this tutorial, which is awesome, curls are still difficult. At least for me xD But it gave me a better understanding of how curls fall, so thank you :D
mega-man143's avatar
what program do you use?
KeyshaKitty's avatar
I use markers. ^^
mega-man143's avatar
hoh shoot, how do you do that with markers?
ArtistOfDarkness's avatar
Look!(If you wanna [link]) this REALLY helped ^^
KeyshaKitty's avatar
Glad it helped. :3
Cloverdeer's avatar
wow, this really help me-THANK YOU!!!!~ :hug:
cherryontop21's avatar
:'( i cant c the tutorial, grrrrrrrrrr
Dark-Silver1's avatar
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