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SnowLeopard - feather painting

First feather painting ever, and i'm so proud :D

Gull feather
About three hours.
Might put this up for sale, but i'm thinking no, mainly because the feather is crap and well... it's the first one i have done! ;P
I will be taking commissions for these if anyone is interested!

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how much for it???
omygosh that is so cool! its really good for a first <3
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Great piece ! have always admired this type of work, can only imagine very difficult with all the ridges.
O_O first time?! holy freagin crap! thats beautiful
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When someone uses supplies that are out of the 'norm' for creativity, that is when I think the phrase "true art." This is an amazing concept. And the painting itself turned out very well to boot. :D
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Thank you for the very nice comment :)
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^^ absolutely gorgeous!!!!! excellent work; the face and the colors all combine so wonderfully :D
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this is beautiful!
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ohmygosh key! This is gorgeous! I love snow leopards, and the detail is so delicate, wow! You did a fantastic job. I might be intrested if you ever do offer commissions ^^
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oh they are open ;P
thanks for the comment! :)
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Very beautiful!!
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Its amazing for your first try, Key. I never knew there was such an art. XD You opened my eyes to something new! Yay! <3 LOVE YOU!
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awesome work
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feather paintings will never cease to completely floor me. the patience involved must have been incredible, it's gorgeous! how long did this take, and how are feathers to paint on? o.o
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actually it took me about 2 and a half hours to paint. This particular feather was a bitch to paint on though because it was curved. Tail feathers (to my knowledge) are not as curved so it makes more of a flat surface. But surprisingly it wasn't that difficult
this ---> [link]
helped me a lot!
Thanks for the comment!
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oooh holy crap that is an awesome tutorial. (and thank you for inadvertently helping me discover another awesome artist. xD) thank you!
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