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You're so vain by Keykey You're so vain :iconkeykey:Keykey 6 1
let's go------
let's link arms and sit by the toilet,
help eachother puke so we can lose those
5, 10, 100 pounds that seem to be holding
us back from having friends or a date
that wants to go out again. we will be so popular.
let's go out and get wasted, crunk, stupified-
to the point where we don't remember our bad
slutty dancing and letting that person touch us.
because in the morning everyone will be happy
talking about how f-ing drunk you were and it
was just sooooo funny dude. yay. we're popular.
let's do this. let's go to the mall and steal
name brand clothes because our asshole parents
can't work twelve hour days to make us spoiled brats
so we can wear the same clothes the stuck up bitches
at school pick on us for not wearing. and then we
can be those stuck up bitches and we'll be popularer!
let's do it! no. wait. let's punch that person in the
face so that we can just skip all three steps. we will
be such awesome hard asses that no one will mess with us
because they don't want to upset a craz
:iconkeykey:Keykey 2 1
i tried to be nice.
today i took five roses
and left them in the hands
of six people.
she was a small little girl
who said she was eight as her
mother cast a perturbed look at me
as if i were a pedophile. she
pricked her finger and started crying.
hookers are like prey and
someone once told me that game
recognizes game. i like to think
i have a lot of that but i dont.
i gave the hooker a rose and she
asked me if this shit gonna pay
my bills. well, probably not.
one was left in a bathroom stall,
the person who came out holding it
as happy as they could be. it made
me wonder if luck is really luck,
or just the universe being nice for a day.
he showed it to his boyfriend and the
guy had the nerve to punch
him in the face for "cheating."
one guy simply asked me what is this
so i said a rose. people are very redundant.
he got kind of pissed and asked me why
i gave it to him. i said because he
looked like he should have a rose.
he seemed confused. i left it at that.
the last two people i gave one to were having
:iconkeykey:Keykey 4 2
Mature content
a simple thought :iconkeykey:Keykey 2 0
Mature content
truth is as ugly as your lies :iconkeykey:Keykey 2 2
love feels like you
flowers in hand, pants down, our fingers intwined, me breathing
you in, tasting skin, the reasons i love you
written on a deck of cards, the first time i cried when
i was drunk. let me tell you a secret,
i am scared.
you are an intimidating person. those almond blues
shoot me down, pin me, make the truth spill from my lips
faster than the lies could ever come. i feel small
when i stand next to you. i am five foot and am always small,
but whenever i am next to someone i feel like the tallest person
in the room. not next to you. i feel beneath you and supported
by you at the same time. let me tell you
a secret. i am scared. fucking scared.
you may not be in love with me but love the idea of me. you may not
know that everything about our relationship will just be ink on paper,
words on a screen, the story but not the movie, and the past without
a future. god i hope it doesn't go that far. i am scared.
i am scared that i will not live up to expectations. that my thighs are too big,
my hair
:iconkeykey:Keykey 4 3
you call it a revolution
there is a pretty girl here that does not think she is pretty,
beautiful, does not see she is humorous and glowing or striving,
but believes that she is casting shadows. darkening.
letting go. evolving her state of mind.
she was stronger when she cared but now she cannot
seem to find a thing she cares about. where did
your sunlit skin go, your fondling kisses, your imagination?
where are the love notes, music notes? all that is
in your diary now are the letters you've written for death.
he believes that there are good things here, an
unopened door to her where romantic ramblings are hiding,
but he is too busy with other things for discovery.
hunny, darling, sugar pie. the perfume and pearls,
skin taut, hair full. past tense. she is snagging now,
whitening as she is scared of light or maybe just exposure.
her eyes never had lines like this and neither did the table.
he wants to know if the drugs help but all they ever
did for him were make him go crazy.
not for you. not for anyone, just
:iconkeykey:Keykey 1 2
Mature content
so the story goes :iconkeykey:Keykey 0 0
i still feel you
seductive sin is what they called you, your big
lips and calloused hands on their legs,
    breath inches from ears so close the impression of your teeth
  on their neck was in their thoughts, craving, rejoicing,
   i can't believe he chose me, they say,    oh i must be beautiful.
your tanned legs and designer hair, your rear tightened within
two hundred dollars worth of jean. those stilettoes never broke that easy,
                            did he really make you lose your grace?
there it is, in your eyes. i can tell that look because he gave it
to me so long ago. he hurt you, didn't he?   drank from the golden cup,
savored the silk in your hair, touched the refinedness of your skin
       then walked away.
his handprints burned int
:iconkeykey:Keykey 0 0
Mature content
hush little baby :iconkeykey:Keykey 1 0
new dev id by Keykey new dev id :iconkeykey:Keykey 0 0
Mature content
darling i know your secrets :iconkeykey:Keykey 3 3
It'll be okay
there's an empty space between my fingers
the place where your hand used to be
there's lips on my mouth that are missing
i never realized how much your kisses would mean
and there's a spot by my side that is empty
where you used to walk next to me
and our friends still stand around talking
there's a silence where your voice should ring
so gone are the days of together
i still hold you close to my heart
because when i said forever i meant it
i guess forever for you was too long
:iconkeykey:Keykey 3 0
Bob Marley by Keykey Bob Marley :iconkeykey:Keykey 21 1
On nothing
because I have nothing to say to you.
:iconkeykey:Keykey 1 0
Mature content
On ways to express my hatred :iconkeykey:Keykey 0 0


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i figured after four months of laziness or ignoring deviantart or hiatus, whatever people call it nowadays, i would drop in and finally do a journal entry because i'm bored. and antsy. and i like to talk about myself.

i realized that a lot of what i write is just rambling and that there is not a great moral story to most of it. or if there is, i never intend there to be. i just intend to write some interesting gibberish that comes out of my head. and sometimes it flows and sometimes it doesn't. that is the trial and error of life.

and i've been thinking a lot lately. probably because it's going to be time soon for me to grow up and do adult things like learn how to not accidentally run people over or spend all my money on clothes when the rent is due.

i'll probably get back to writing since thinking does that to me. i need somewhere to channel some of my thought seizures. maybe write a book about bullshit or a bullshit book. not sure yet.


is floating along,
United States
Name's Sonya.
I'm 16. I live in PA.
I like music, poetry, my friends
and my boyfriend, my dog, and life.
I'm really not this boring, I just
suck at writing things like this.
Hit me up if you wanna.


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