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214- Colorful Wolf by Lucky978 214- Colorful Wolf :iconlucky978:Lucky978 4,874 261 Nightmares by Parororo Nightmares :iconparororo:Parororo 3,193 140
His Love
His love planted a seed
Deep inside my heart
That grew quickly,
Its roots wrapping themselves
Around my lungs,
Suffocating me when he's holding
Me in his arms.
:iconkiwiootori:kiwiootori 16 2
Neko-Emoji-01 [V1] by Jerikuto Neko-Emoji-01 [V1] :iconjerikuto:Jerikuto 846 73
Free Avatar Icons for use :3
:damphyr:Hiya all!! ^o^
Well!!! I'm Ludra-Jenova and I bring to you all this cute heart-shape avatars XDDD
You can use them freely :3
The complete set are these:
:iconhihilove: :iconyaylove: :iconrelaxlove: :iconhehelove: :iconcutieelove: :iconnailove: :iconbabalove: :iconmecutelove:
Hope that you like and you'll use them XDD, if you want to use them outside you can download them here (for Messenger use only thanks ;3)
1- If you want to use this icon you must write this-->> {:}iconcutieelove: just remove the brackets and must looks like this :iconcutieelove:
2- Another way is selecting the icon (like you do when you want to copy a word), then copy it (with right click and copy or Ctrl+C). After that you open the notepad and paste the selection. Like the notepad is very simple, it'll show the right code of the icon. Then you select the word, copy it and paste wherever you want. This is useful when you want to use many icons to
:iconcutieelove:cutieelove 1 0
poetry i should not be writing at four a.m.
i will love you until it hurts and even past that,
until my chest aches with the thought of
your eyelashes and every bit of your life
has been written on my skin.
i will be your pillar of strength. i will love you
after it hurts and after i grow numb and grow apart
and we find ourselves on opposite sides of the country,
like branches on a tree that grew bigger
than we could ever imagine.
i will keep your city circled on every map i place
on the walls of my room, like a reminder
and a to do list and a promise all in one. you have
etched yourself into every corner
of my brain and i have stopped trying
to catch myself thinking about you because
most days my thoughts are running too fast
to ever even catch up with
and they always seem to lead back to you.
and right now my veins are only half blood
and half holy so i know this isn’t a poem
that needs to be written but i also know
already that if i don’t get this out, tomorrow
morning i will be crouched in front
of a toilet bowl
:iconmisfitablegrae:MisfitableGrae 70 11
ghoul by Dayrili ghoul :icondayrili:Dayrili 3,084 108 Dancing Cat animation by Oha Dancing Cat animation :iconoha:Oha 2,498 0 Dancing Wolf TEMPLATE (official) by Oha Dancing Wolf TEMPLATE (official) :iconoha:Oha 3,780 638 Classes with Nyanko by oboeteru Classes with Nyanko :iconoboeteru:oboeteru 93 29 Falling Nightwing Remake by Junk-Ren Falling Nightwing Remake :iconjunk-ren:Junk-Ren 194 17 . Veden Valtias . by KalmaKamala . Veden Valtias . :iconkalmakamala:KalmaKamala 839 225 Good Morning by Draconis-Silver Good Morning :icondraconis-silver:Draconis-Silver 180 22 Kokkuri San by RoyalAnnaLestrange Kokkuri San :iconroyalannalestrange:RoyalAnnaLestrange 47 7 Happy New Year 2015 by MicehellWDomination Happy New Year 2015 :iconmicehellwdomination:MicehellWDomination 29 3

Newest Deviations

The People
There was a girl. She had a friend she really cared for along with a boy who she loved dearly. The she loved the boy with all of her heart and would do anything to keep him. She valued the friend almost as much as her love. Sadly things changed. The friend was there for her just as much as her love but…
   She misses the old times where she had someone to talk to whenever she wanted or need with any problem she had. Where the problems would be fixed in some way she always felt better. There would be an argument but things got fixed. Things were a little off but with someone to talk to she didn’t mind. She had someone for when not even the person most special to her, could be there. It made her human.
    Then someone got attached no matter what the other said and things got bad. The friend got obsessed and tried to ruin the relationship between the girl and love. The friend lied and lied till finally the girl was able to convince her love of the lies. Th
:iconkeygo1:keygo1 4 0
One Last Time
    I had a dream.
You were here for me, you cared for me.
You touched me, you loved me.
You put a pillow under my head and a blanket over me; cuddling me.
    You kissed and held me.
You were kissing me all over; gently and roughly; leaving bite marks behind.
You held my hand and rubbed my back.
You spread panda down and I spread lion down.
    You told me goodnight; to sleep well and have sweet dreams.
You told me good morning and asked how I slept.
You told me you loved me and would always be here for me.
You called me kitten and patted my head.
    You did the things I love one last time.
:iconkeygo1:keygo1 2 0
A Dream
  It started out with me walking with two friends of mine at a Walmart in their parking lot. They sat down at some table. I don't know what they were there for but I went to go school shopping. I had asked them to watch my bag and jacket that were in some buggy. They said they would and soon as I walked away one told the other to push it at me and then it disappeared. So I walked inside. I get a new buggy and find a place to sit. I start to count my money and realize that I was going to shop lift it all. I sit there thinking when two other friends and my ex walk in. I spotted them before they did me. My ex had finished up staying something before, very happily, saying something on the lines of "oh, there you are/she is. I found\got this for you." Then said something about one of the people from the earlier part of my dream and I had to correct him. Then explained everything to him.
  By this time the two friends of mine he walked in with were gone. I got up and started workin
:iconkeygo1:keygo1 0 0
I know it will end.
It always does.
Time will only tell.
Wonder how much I have left?
Misery is my main feeling.
I have sadness and despair, too.
Along with bloody thoughts.
I hope it all will go away with time.
Time will only tell.
An overused saying for sure.
But... it is a very true one at that.
Time doesn't truly heal tho.
Time can make healing worse.
You can dwell on things longer than you should.
You can be like me and never forget.
Always reliving the hurt; now and forever.
Time can't stop me.
Just gives me more time to think.
To think about the bad because the good hurts more.
The good will always hurt more.
:iconkeygo1:keygo1 5 4
I Want...
I want to be his only one. 
The only one he holds tightly to him, no matter the reason.
Really... just to show he still cares about me.
I want to never feel like and worry about losing him again.
To never feel like I'm walking on eggshells again.
To know that everything between us is okay.
To not worry about doing or saying something wrong.
I want to know I am loved.
I want to feel loved.
I want to feel acknowledged.
I want to feel secure in my feelings and in the feelings toward me.
I want to know and feel that everything is okay in the moment.
That it is okay for me to show my love, my feelings.
I want him to know it is okay to show me love anytime and anywhere.
I want him to me love again.
:iconkeygo1:keygo1 4 9
Some people say that some music is bad. 
While, others say it is not. 
Some say it has saved their lives.
Others do not think so.
Most people who it can not or does not, do not list to what is said.
Sure, some songs do not have goo words or talk about certain things that are bad,
But it speaks to someone somewhere.
No matter what kind it is. 
There is a type of music for everything and feeling.
Some may speak to you more than others at times may not.
It all depends on what type of person you are and what feeling you have in the moment.
It can be your savior, friend, even your enemy at times
No matter what tho, it can always lift you up.
:iconkeygo1:keygo1 7 2
I see other people scared of death.
Yet I see some who say they are not and laugh in his face
And when he comes knocking at their doors they hide and beg for their life.
Yet the same has happened to me but I did not hide and beg for mercy.
I did not do anything.
I had no time to react. 
I had no time to say anything.
I was pulled back before I had that chance by someone.
I have laughed and seen death.
If I ever see death again, I may not know what to do but I will not back down and beg like countless others.
:iconkeygo1:keygo1 9 3
Alone is where my pain is.
Alone is when the voices in my head become loudest.
Alone is when my memories suffice.
Alone is when I'm torchered by my mistakes.
Alone is when bad ideas come to life.
Alone is when my mind torchers me.
Alone is when the blackouts arise.
Alone is the state I'll die in.
Alone is how I'll be for my lifespan.
Alone in my darkest moments.
Alone in my darkest thoughts
Alone forever.
:iconkeygo1:keygo1 2 0
This Urge, This... Curse
The urge to mark my skin has become a strong one.
It's not even been a month since the last time it happened.
I have no way to talk to my only support system I have.
I'm scared more now than I have been in a while.
I dont want to blackout anymore!
I dont want this urge, this.... curse!
I dont want to be alone with the monsters in my head!
I dont want to be alone ever, again!
I want the blackouts to stop!
I want this urge, this curse, to go away!
I want to be around the person that helps me most!
I want this to END!
It seems the blackouts will never stop....
It seems this urge.... this... wretched.... curse will never leave....
It seems my support system will be too late for once....
It seems this will never end....
I feel like this is going to win.
I feel the beginning stage of my blackout starting.
I feel like I'm letting him down because I cant fight this off much longer.
I feel this might lead to something worse...
By tomorrow morning what will be done, will be done.
What fate has i
:iconkeygo1:keygo1 4 6
Learning of My Life
I've learned that i'm different from the person you see on the street corner and at work or school.
That I am one in a million and that i'm the only me there will ever be; that Im strong when it comes to people who don't have a clue about my life.
People have beaten me down; destroyed all confidence, courage, and self-esteem I could ever have.
I had one thing left and I was smart about protecting it.
I had been for a long time and that might been part of my down fall because I wanted something to love...someone to love.
Then he came along. 
Things seemed fine in the beginning, like they do in all relationships.
Toward the end is where things went wrong, I guess.
After he made sure that he had my heart in has hands and after all the promises he made saying he'll never hurt me, he truly did.
All of it; he hurt me and still has my heart after the fact.
I lost the only thing that kept me going... my heart.... and him
I've learned there is no point to my existence. 
If there was t
:iconkeygo1:keygo1 1 0
No One Knows
No one knows my pain.
I've hidden the pain for far too long for anyone to notice I'm in pain.
I've actually started to show my pain and still no one sees.
I've seen the marks on other people.
Wrists, arms, legs, stomachs.
Makes me wonder and think, if I do that, will someone finally ask if I'm really ok?
I've asked for help before from someone who said they would always be there no matter what.
He also said he loved me but when I asked for help he left.
Why do that to someone you say you love?
He did the opposite of what he said he would do. 
He hurt me alot and it made me worse in the end.
I started blacking out and waking up covered in blood because I couldn't deal with the emotional pain.
My thighs showed lines after I cleaned the blood off.
I wore my shorts a little lower for a month. 
I only let one person touch my leg after the 2nd blackout.
He was someone different. 
He proved time and time again that he was different.
That he cared alot; any problem I had, he was
:iconkeygo1:keygo1 4 6
How Am I to Heal?
How am I to heal when all I know is i'm in pain?
When all I feel is my heart is being torn, ripped, shredded apart, 
While I am forced to stay still and let it all happen. 
What am I to do to make the pain end?
How am I to go back to the person I was before he took my heart and broke it?
How can I be his friend after this?
How am I to act around him; let alone the world, now?
How did he pick me for this?
When did this begin to happen?
When did he take over my heart?
When will this pain be over; along with the scars?
When can I move on from this?
While I was caring about our relationship, was he planning his escape?
While he filled my head with stories of our future, where was my brain to see this coming?
While I was to be his, how was I not able to see this?
While I suffer over this, does he suffer, too?
What did I do to deserve this pain?
What am I to be now that my purpose of getting out of bed is gone?
What am I to do with this wasted, unlived life? 
What will be
:iconkeygo1:keygo1 7 7
cross by keygo1 cross :iconkeygo1:keygo1 1 0 robin and kid flash, merry christmas by keygo1 robin and kid flash, merry christmas :iconkeygo1:keygo1 1 0 tell her number2 by keygo1 tell her number2 :iconkeygo1:keygo1 0 0 20 things girls want guys to know by keygo1 20 things girls want guys to know :iconkeygo1:keygo1 6 3


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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
love anime
Im 20, out of high school and am in cosmetology school.
Love to read books,comics,mangas
Im a Batman fan just ask :iconkayli-brianna:
I live in Paris,Tennessee.
I help run a community on discord. Its called 4AGamers. My tag there is keygo ^.^#0093
I was a member of the Henry County High School Marching Patriots and still am part of the band family. I have been playing flute for over 5 years and can play a little clarinet, bass clarinet, vibraphone, trumpet, piccolo, and violin.
I love working on nails the most but coloring hair is always fun!
Love to make friends
One of my best friends is :iconkayli-brianna:
My youtube page…?

[x]taken (he doesnt know about the bottom lol)
[x]mentally dating a character that does not actually exist.(Bruce Wayne/Batman at the moment)
[]stoking ex-boyfriend

And these are my fave. groups so far
:icongothictemple: :iconvampiresdonotsparkle: :icondcau: :iconrob-x-kf: :iconthe-batflash-clan: :iconjusticeleagueclub: :iconsuperhero-club: :iconchibibatman: :iconboysandblood: :iconthe-batcave: :iconbatman-fan-club: :iconclub-superhero: :iconhot-bishie: :iconbugsbunnyclub:

Favourite cartoon character: to many of them

Personal Quote: When you live forever, what do you live for?
Why are all the good looking ones homicidal maniacs??



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