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Control Panel - My Computer Tweaker

By KeybrdCowboy
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Win7 Add Shortcuts To Control Panel or My Computer

Scroll Down The Page After You Are Done... And Press Apply

Changes are Made Most Times Without Reboot... and your PC will not force you to Reboot.
This App Is Part Of Win7... That Most Likely You Do Not Use.
Nothing Special Here... Just Making Use Of Something You Might Not Use... but You Should
© 2013 - 2021 KeybrdCowboy
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Dude, you have skills. The number of bookmarks, zips containing reg, .reg, .txt, .bat I have SCATTERED.. is sick (vintage). This ^^^ is sick (mod:).

I have a win-wtf, reckon someone of your caliber might have an idea or 2 on it -'deets here ->

if you, or anyone, fancies a round of needles in haystacks, I've got some ntuser.dat(s) that might contain the keys or values causing this pooptastic melodrama
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Check out  FVD Speed Dial for your browser.... Chrome or Firefox Addon…

for firefox…

also check out Symbaloo
here is my webmix ... just press ADD THIS WEBMIX from the page below…
wow very usefull! thanks!!
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Is there source code available for this? It looks really cool but I'm hesitant to run a random exe from deviantart that changes my registry/group policy
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As I said... This came with my Win7
If you want more info...

Go To The Website... This should make you feel better

about using the program.... [link]
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PS ... It Doesn't Do Anything Unless You Check Mark
A Box... So you can use it to add shortcuts
to your control panel or to your "My Computer"

And use it just for that...

I suggest you start using Rollback Rx
I downloaded my version from FileCrop

Rollback Rx is a great program ... so read about it
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Nice one cowboy, I had not noticed that. Thanks bro.
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In Tucson AZ 52° F Here... We had 1 day where it was 80° F
last week... Looking for more warmer days.
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Wow that is hectic. Makes you think that maybe all our polluting of the atmosphere is finally effecting the ocean conveyor and ultimately bringing a new ice age.
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sounds useful, thanks
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Could you add an option to save+load settings?
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This App Is Part Of Win7... That Most Likely You Do Not Use.

If you read the above text... You Will See That
I had nothing to do with this app except... bringing it
to your attention. It's part of my Win7

All I can do is suggest... you take a screenshot
of your changes and update the screenshot.

For A Similar App That Requires More Than Just
Choosing A Check Box ... but lets you add
You Custom Apps To ... My Computer And Control Panel...

See Also [link]
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nice, thank you
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Just Something That Was On My Win7 That I Wanted To Share :nod:
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hmm a lot of reg keys ! we have to find them all // great job B)
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