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90 Win7 Gadget Collection

90 Win7 Gadgets Collection

I made 2 Collection Installs... One with 90 and One with 52

The One with 52 is Here [link]

This Is An Update Of The Win7 Sidebar Gadgets

:bulletblue: I reworked some and added others
:bulletblue: Better Names

I moved the shared Gadgets Into The Gadgets Folder

I like things Simple And Neat. Regards To All

Updated 12/13/2012 6:15 AM MST
All Gadgets Tested... For Quality And Value
Updated 12/14/2012 Changed Some Weather Gadgets

Tip: For The MSN Weather Gadget
You Can Change The MSNWeather.gadget\en-US\js\localizedStrings.js 'DefaultLocationCode'] = 'wc:USAZ0247'; Now It's Tucson AZ [link] Change it to your location... see the link

My Idea Of Cool Appz
© 2012 - 2021 KeybrdCowboy
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I also made an Install for the path you suggested that works for you...

path="%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets"

MediaFire Download .. I call it 88 Win7 Gadgets Collection.exe [link]
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Yes please, managed to install it, these are freakin epic bro, thanks a bunch. To those struggling to install, it is easy, rename the file to .rar then unzip to desktop, then just copy them over into c:\C:\Users\(your user name\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets. That's it. I must say bro some of these gadgets I have never seen before. They are really epic, thank you Cowboy.
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After You change .exe to .rar You can change the path to...

path="%LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets"

From The Comments Section of WinRar ... That Should Customize The Install For Your Path
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I see your Gadgets are installed to another location

But they should be
c:\program files\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets

But if that's how your Win7 PC Had it .. I can see
how you had a problem... and had to move them.

Glad you got it going.
Most of my work is explained also as a tutorial.
I have found about 90% of all gadgets out there
and I cover about 90% of the functions...
but there are plenty similar.
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Awesome, yeh your right, I did install them in appdata/windows sidebar,gadgets, had to enable hidden files and folders view. They are working perfect and are really awesome. The best gadgets I have ever seen and I been looking for a long time. Where did you get all of these and they are so smooth, thanks cowboy, I reckon santa is going to bring you a big gift because you have been so generous to others. God Bless and thanks.
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I downloaded them from

they were all files Not Folders.
mycomputer.gadget,mycalc.gadget and mycalender.gadget

I used a batch.cmd ren *.gadget to *.rar

I then used WinRar to batch extract these... say 500 files
to their own subfolders by check marking from miscellaneous
... Extract archives to Subfolders ...

Then I used An App Named Rename Wiz 3.42
to Rename Each Subfolder with a _gadget

So I got ... as an example ...
Mycomputer_gadget folder
Mycalc_gadget folder
MyCalendar_gadget folder

Then I used Rename Wiz 3.42 again
and said Replace all _gadget with .gadget

So I got ... as an example ...
Mycomputer.gadget folder
MyCalc.gadget folder
MyCalendar.gadget folder

Then I tool all these folders and I put them into
a Winrar and told them the path of where to extract them.

There are 2 types of Gadgets
Those made for Windows Vista
Those made for Windows 7

The Windows Vista ones work in Windows 7
but they look like shit...

Most Times I found Win7 Gadgets because I had my search
at set for Win7 Gadgets

I went through about 1000 gadgets... and kept
about 90 percent ... the ones I did not keep
looked a lot like the ones I kept ... just variations.

I found lots of Clock and Calender and Systems Settings Gadgets
but they all looked a lot alike...

I saved the ones that seemed different mostly.
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WOW what a mission, you got great dedication, excellent cowboy. If you ever come to Cape Town, pull in bro.
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Thanx for the positive feedback. I learned stuff just by getting
feedback from you. Which made me do a google search about paths for Win7 Gadgets... and I used the Environment Variable %LocalAppData% which I made a mental note of ... as well as having an example in my post.

Like I said ... If you look through my posts they
are actually tutorials as well.

Here is a link to look at for Environment Variables

WinRar Can Make easy Installs and Environment Variables
can make the Path work on all computers ...not just one.

Learning stuff in small steps is fun.
It keeps you out of trouble.
If you want to get into trouble there is always ...
Women and the Stock Market and the Gambling Casinos ... :nod:

I am on the computer every day.
So I will be around...
I have used 6 different names...
I post stuff still under 4 names now...

You can use this [link] to look at my other stuff
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Awesome that is magnificent, I will look into doing a few of my own, maybe hack a few rainmeter skins and convert them into gadgets. Yeh, woman and gambling casino's, been there, got that t-shirt and you are 100% correct, trouble, trouble and more...trouble. I also stay clear of booze and woman these days, most of them are just out for your cash. Yeh, anyways, such is life, we live and learn the hard way. Awesome cowboy, your an absolute legend bro, thank you.
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I forgot to mention I also used a program called
" Search And Replace " By FunDuc To
Rename The Gadget Titles

If They Were Too Long and Not All Of It Showed
I made it shorter ... so it all showed as a title

For example On The YouTube Downloader Gadget
YouTube Downloader was the old title.
As You Can See That Gadget Had a Picture Icon Showing YouTube
So I Renamed The Gadget Title To Just "Downloader"
and it looks good...

I was prompted on what to replace
and I just chose Name "YouTube Downloader" Name
and It replaced It with Name "Downloader" Name

All of these Tools that I use... work fairly fast
and out of the 140 gadgets only 40 or so
needed to have the Gadget Names Shortened.
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Awesome, thank you, one day you won't find these anymore due to the Microsoft/FBI/CIA Natzi's. Awesome collection, works perfect. Thanks brother.
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If you don't like some of them... You can rename the .exe to .rar and remove the folder for that gadget... then rename back to .exe

If I come across any more that I think are good...
I will add them to the collection.

Sometimes less is more... Some gadgets are cool but
not really important.
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Awesome, thank you cowboy, they are a very good selection, even though I use mostly rainmeter, it is always cool to use those gadgets, they have class and some wicked animations. Thanks for all the help bro, your work is legendary and your shares are wicked cool.
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