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As promised, I made a baking channel! I'm going to improve I swear, this was the first of many! Subscribe for more sweetness! ^U^
To all of my fellow deviant friends <3
My golden retriever, Nellie Belle, is in need of a tumor removal. My family is unable to afford this surgery for my poor fur baby. If anyone can help donate, even if it is a little bit, my family will be oh so grateful. If you can not make a donation please share this to your friends so that others may be able to help. Thank you so much everyone for your love and support <3…

If you haven't seen this yet, check out my newest video!
Hello my lovelies.
Long time no update. It's almost been two years since I have written anything on here so I guess there is A LOT to talk about.

What's New?: I graduated high school this year in May. It was such a wonderful ceremony our school threw. Although my grandmother and my godmother didn't make it out, I had such a special time with those that did make it. I am so delighted that I made it through, especially since I had such a rough time through it all. However now that I am out of school, there are some things I do miss, but its not enough to want to go back and do it all again!
During my senior year of school I joined poetry club. I had to memorize two poems and perform them for a contest. I chose "How Do I Love Thee? (Sonnet 43)" by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, and "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost. Although I did not win, I had such a fantastic experience and it helped a bit with my stage fright.
Right after I graduated high school I ended up filling out some applications for  a summer job. Nearly two days later I got a call from our Walmart Neighborhood Market down the road, and I was then hired as a cashier. Still holding the job down. It's really tiring work, but I enjoy working with my walmart family.
I saw the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie, and it's everything I ever hoped for. I wasn't impressed with Johnny Depps acting in the movie, but I still loved all the new characters; especially Henry Turner. God Bless that sweet child.
I was taught an important lesson this year about fake friends. You see I thought I was losing a friend, but it was then I realized I never had one. A quote, "Some people will only "love you" as much as they can use you. Their loyalty ends where the benefits stop." That is all I will say about that as I am done giving these betrayers any attention.
I did not end up going to NDK this year. Instead I treated my mother a trip up to the Mesa, we stayed in the lodge two nights. I then went to a small one day con here in town; a free event hosted by our library. It was pretty nice and it has potential.
Oh also I just completed a 24 day challenge at Golds Gym. I lost a total of 5 pounds! That is more than 1 pound a week. This year total? I lost 26 pounds. I just- wow!

New Cosplays? Any Progress?

My newest cosplays will be posted shortly to my deviant page. I have basically completed my Grand Highblood and my trickster!karkat. There is one other cosplay I am hoping to get to around december or early january. There will be new cosplay plans for the upcoming year, stay tuned!

Any Videos?

As usual, it seems that something always happens in the middle of my film plans. I have 3+ scripts written up, but I need to find cosplayers to be in them now. Hoping to post some videos soon for the new year.
I am also starting a baking channel which I may post about in 2018.

Any other info?
Do you remember in my last journal entry, it was like March 1, 2016, I wrote about my mother making an appointment fo rme to get my wisdom teeth pulled? Well, yeah... still haven't had them done. Had a lot of trouble with insurance etc. etc. soooo I have an appointment December 7th to get them surgically removed. Their impacted so i'm going  to be gased and stuff, yay! Wish me luck.

Plans for the Holidays?
I do not have much planned for Thanksgiving or Christmas. I will likely just stay home with my mother and relax with a nice cup of eggnog. Do you all have any plans? Let me know!

Much is Appreciated!
The limitless support from my watchers is absolutely wonderful. I know I'm not the best of the best, I know I can always improve, but to know that there are those who wish to see more of my work fills my heart with joy. Thank you to everyone <3

Can I find you on other social media?
I have a cosplay page for my ownself you can like and follow.
I also have a youtube channel you can subscribe to :)

You can find me also on Instagram and

IG: @eriqueer
Musically: @eriqueer

All and all, thank you for continuous support and feel free to comment.
I take video requests. If you would like to see any of the characters I cosplay do truths or dares please comment your ideas below on this entry! If you have any other video ideas, please let me know :)
Please keep it appropriate though :D thank you again! :D
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  • Reading: Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Men Tell No Tales
  • Watching: Suite Life of Zack and Cody Season 3
  • Playing: Hiveswap
  • Eating: Cookies
  • Drinking: Water


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Your name is JULIA, it just so happens that on March 16 of the year 1999 is your birthday. You are in fact a PISCES. You are a STRAIGHT FEMALE;
although you don't care what people think of you. You enjoy attending religious ceremonies, weekly, yet usually you fall asleep in the middle of the mass. You own two TURTLES, a DOG and a CAT, you love cats... you love them a lot. Your pets are not usually allowed to be in your room but depending on your mood you sometimes let that rule slide. A number of wallscrolls and plushies are scattered about your room. You have a variety of INTEREST. You have a passion for ROLE-PLAYING with your friends and SETTING SAIL CRACK SHIPS. You enjoy COSPLAYING, PHOTOGRAPHY and WRITING FANFICS. Your addiction is FAYGO.
What will you do?

> Julia Quickly retrieve cosplays from your closet

You retrieve your cosplays from your closet. You have a variety of cosplays; complete and incomplete cosplays.

>Julia look through complete cosplays.

Out of the complete cosplays are: Axel, Tamaki, Len, France, Dirk, Eridan, Cronus, Koujaku, Gamzee, Karkat, Kankri and Aoba.

>Julia look through incomplete cosplays

You take out your incomplete cosplays which are: Trickster Jake, Terezi, Kurloz, and-! Quickly hiding away the last of your incomplete cosplays you put your finger to yours lips and whisper, "SHHHH You will never know~!"


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