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Thor Vs Beerus DBZ

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What if Thor Fight Lord Beerus For Avengers safely.

Like Beerus was beating up Captain America,Hawkguy and many more heroes expect someone like hulk was fighting against of other strong dbz foe.
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Thor totally wins if it's Rune King Thor.
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Now this is a fight i am really not sure who would win i see this go either way but i am leaning towards thor a little bit here but if its king Thor he would overkill lord beerus.
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Alright a good fight.
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Someone really has to put Beerus in his place.
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Because Beerus is too selfish at many times and nearly destroy a world for pudding.
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How would Goku react to thor beat down beerus
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Shocked and then want to fight him. XD
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LOL yup for a sparring match.
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while Loki meet Vegeta
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beerus wins. a single tab from his finger blew up an entire planet(in the manga, in the anime it whas a perfect cut through the planet and destroying one side).

and old kai stated that 2 and a half (lets just say 3) collisions from his punches could blow up the entire universe, including other dimensions such as hell, heaven, the kai dimension and otherworld.

also he has the ability to indefinatly downgrade his oponents strength to his own liking(as shown in dragonball super when he fights SSG goku) so he could easily devide thor's strength over and over in the matter of seconds.

Mjolnir backs a punch and could definantly do some damage against some OP anime characters. but it doesnt matter how hard you can hit. beerus moves at hundreds of times(if not thousands) the speed of light and can teleport decent distances. he can create undodgeable attacks that can devistate thor.

Beerus has the title "god of destruction" for a reason. he can beat pretty much anyone.
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hope thor has pudding to save himself from this buttwhooping
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Both mortal and can fight, but Birusu outclasses Thor by numerous levels. Thor wouldn't last for long without his weapon(ref. Thor getting demoted by Odin), but Birusu's power came all from within himself(like strength from years of working out and/or brain-stored knowledge) that cannot be taken away. Give him an hour, he'd probably wipe out the entire Asgardian warriors then destroy the entirity of Asgard with ease.
Better have him go against Thanos(at full power), see what happens.
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Id go with Lord Beerus, Toriyama stated that no matter how strong Freeza gets, he is no match for Beerus, Goldan Frieza outmatched SSGSS Goku.

Thor is a mighty hero indeed but Beerus is on a whole other level, considering he can wipe out a galaxy if he is even looked at the wrong way.
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Expect Thor isn't frieza and still took on godly beings before make beerus look easy.
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Yes but has Thors punches ripped the universe apart
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Let see thor have a blast manged to make a giant god felt pain who ripped whole universe easily 
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Really cause he got his ass kicked by galactus who is only cosmic level. And that was Thor in his strongest form
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Yeah let see how Beerus do better than him.

and i will be nice for now on.

but aren't you same one who always sounded very mad at every one piece vs naruto debates?
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