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:iconkeyarahedgehog09:KeyaraHedgehog09 posted a status
You may have noticed that I started to post quite frequently on Wednesday when I managed to finish up a few pics. This was down to snow.
You see I got to work okay but about 12pm the buses decided to stop running because heavy snowfall had made it far too dangerous, that being said my only option was to ask my housemate to bring me home.
I had to fake being sick to leave... 
Work wouldn't have cared about me walking it back home in snow, even though I've been with a cold and cough for a week now. It's a 10 min bus ride so walking would be so much longer especially with all the ice. 
So after today my schedule will be back to normal and art will once again be once a week. Work runs my life and I've lost 2 days pay because of this stupid snow. ghhhhhh

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