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:iconkeyarahedgehog09:KeyaraHedgehog09 posted a status
So smol update, I felt I should seeing as how I'll be quiet and slower with stuff.
I'm not going to be posting as fast as usual cuz I'm attempting to do a digital painting of a foxy lady, this time full body not just a lil cheeb. I'm still getting used to painting so it might be awhile before that's done. Not to mention I have work again, (I've has 2 weeks off divided into one week periods with a week of work in the middle).

Other things I will be working on shortly after it's completion: 
> Shadow's Origins: The Aftermath
> Inking TotallyTits YCH 
> Sketching MadameToaster YCH 
I will do the free head sketches after work as they're much less time consuming for work nights.

If you would like a commission I have My regular commissions open and I'm also working with SassyMelvin on collaborative commissions 
Order commissions now! OPENUPDATE: Sketch previews added
Bust and half body prices added!
Please note some do not yet have a new example and as such will be blank.
A few new things with commissions:
> I expect payment upfront
> Commissions can take up to 10 hours or longer to complete. Of course this can mean I take days to complete it depending on what it is.
> You can ask for anything, that includes powers and poses etc.
> You can ask for a sketch preview, this is a sketch of your commission for you to adjust to your standard before I post
An example:

My specialty:
Females of: Sonic, Sonic with humanly anatomy, anime, anthro
Okay at:
Props, powers, metal limbs, wings (bat, fairy, dragon/demon and angel) Males to a certain extent and some cartoon styles.
Still learning:
Feral characters, scenery, couples
You may ask for anything in any list, however if I feel I cannot make a decent drawing or I accept and realise I cannot make y
 and  Collab Commission CLOSED:new: Now accepting points on style B and C
New styles have been added be sure to check them out :)
Okay guys these bad boys are up and running again, this will not be the only style to be added I will be working on examples with other deviants and will be added shortly :)
:bulletblue: You will get the sketch along with the finished product
:bulletblue: Busts and half bodies will be colored the same as full bodies
:bulletblue: Me and my partner must be paid before we start
:bulletblue: Please comment on this journal not through notes
:bulletblue: Anything that says TBA is "To Be Announced" and is not available yet 
Commission Form
Style: (A,B,C ect)
Drawing: (Bust, half body, full body)
Payment method: (Points, paypal)
Pose: (optional)
Link to sketch: Required for Style D only
Style A
SassyMelvin and KeyaraHedgehog09
400 :points: / 4$ USD
Half body
800 :

Devious Comments

TotallyTits Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018
Please take your time hun!!!

I just noticed btw, i paid for line-art. May i request a transparent png version of it?
So i could color it, i feel like coloring her would be fun!
I would give you full credit ofcourse <3

But please take your time! There is no rush <33 Cant wait to see more art form ya!
KeyaraHedgehog09 Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can send you the file as I’m quite picky and like my watermark to remain on the picture with your own watermark added to show it was a collaborative piece. All I need to know is your preferred format. 
I wont get chance to work on it until Thursday night at the earliest due to work, I have long shifts and by the time I’m home and prepped for the next day it’s time for shut eye. I was hoping to get so much more done before I had to go back to work ; ^ ; 
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