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:iconkeyarahedgehog09:KeyaraHedgehog09 posted a status
Redrawing old commissions!
I'm redrawing old commissions of the past to give them new life and you a better picture, best part is it's FREE.
Commission 64 by KeyaraHedgehog09Redraw Artemisia by KeyaraHedgehog09
2014 - 2018

A huge difference a few years make. Of course I'd like to redraw many of my old works but I can't sit here all day without earning a penny so I ask if your happy with the result of the redraw consider buying me a coffee? It's only $3 for hours of work and I'd greatly appreciate it.

Before you bombarde my comment section please leave all redraw requests here:  Draw this again: Commission edition! (Free)I was watching an old speedpaint and I thought about how much I've improved over the years and I feel 2018 is a year I should reflect on that, of course I will still have new art to share with you as well but I'd like to revisit some of the old art I used to be proud of.
I would like to say this is free, if however you are satisfied with the redraw and would like to fund more of these so I can continue to make my art better consider buying me a coffee, it's only $3 a cup!

Some things to note before you bombarde me with requests.
> The commission must already exist, it's a redraw so I'm redrawing old art. I respect I lost some pieces so if you have them saved and can show me art I recognise as mine I will still draw it for you.
> The commission must be from as early as 2016 or later, I will not be redrawing work from 2017.
> If you have more than one commission then please only present one or two at any one t

This way I can keep track of all requests.


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