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:iconkeyarahedgehog09:KeyaraHedgehog09 posted a status
Whenever I say I’m drawing some kind of free art I don’t want to see people posting their own FC/OC in the comments.
I don’t do requests and people posting their own characters just makes it feel like a request journal not to mention me asking for characters is to widen my horizons so to speak, to see new OCs.
I never post these journals to start making requests again, that ship sailed long ago, I’m looking for other characters that can spark some creativity and give me chance to create something that I actually feel like making, I haven’t had fun drawing many characters over the years due to lack of interest in the design. So by asking to see your favourite designs I’m hoping to see something that will give me motivation so I can make something worth while.

Devious Comments

Sirius-R Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2017
Some people just refuse to read for some reason. They ignore either the majority of text or absolutely all of it, and when you point them to the text they've ignored, they're all like "oh, I didn't notice that". DIDN'T NOTICE.  Words cannot describe... nevermind.
I've dealt with that kind of people before, and they can be quite irritating to deal with (especially when there's plenty of them), so I feel you here.

By the way, what kind of character designs you like?
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