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What "type" of artist do you see me as? (I did this years ago but I thought I'd do it again to see if it has changed much, last time I was hurt with a few votes but we'll see) 

8 deviants said A 'Normal' Artist - You are a typical, everyday artist who wants to do their best and I have neutral feelings about you as a person.
6 deviants said An 'Improving' Artist - Your talent is obvious, but it is not perfected. There are many things you can fix about your work, but that doesn't mean you aren't wonderful already.
1 deviant said An 'Idol' Artist - You are an artist I look up to, get inspiration from, and sometimes I wish I had your talent.
1 deviant said A 'Stuck-up' Artist - You have tons of fans yet you have sub-par artwork. You gain tons of attention and you soak it all up but pretend you're humble about it. Although you can be nice, most of the time you're too 'busy' soaking up your popularity.
1 deviant said A 'Whiner-brat' Artist - Your artwork is enjoyable but I strongly dislike and often am at odds with you as a person and your attitude.
1 deviant said A 'Compassionate Caring' Artist - You are an artist who does what they can to help other people, even if it means putting down everything you're working on to help someone in need. Your art is great, but your heart is greater.
1 deviant said A 'Tunnel Vision' Artist - You draw a lot of the same subject matter and rarely divert from it, even when others suggest you should. As enjoyable as your work is your lack of ambition to variate subject matter is off putting whatever talent you may have.
1 deviant said A 'People's' Artist - You do what everyone WANTS you to do. You tend to work more on things everyone else wants than what you want to. If the community doesn't like it, neither do you.

Devious Comments

Sirius-R Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2018
I'd say you're one of these artists who could draw more, but don't have time to. Personally, I think that's kinda sad.

(fun fact: I'm willingly putting myself to the 'Tunnel Vision' category)
GooseHudson Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Despite the fact that I've proudly rocked an Icon you drew almost 4 years ago, I will say that you are an improving artist.

You started at a high quality and improved at a gradual rate. I may not be as savvy about the ins and outs of drawing, but I do know that your art has only gotten better as time rolls on.
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