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My prices are fair, right? I'm looking for reasons, I'm looking for honesty and try to think fair put yourself in my shoes 

8 deviants said Absolutely fair
7 deviants said High ( if your going to vote here have the decency to say WHY )
1 deviant said
1 deviant said Low ( what is? How should I change it? )

Devious Comments

spaced---out Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I think that those saying about how they're "high" need to at least have a fair reason. Sure, 100+ points may seem expensive, but it's really not. It's only $1 or £0.79, which is not much at all. I could buy a chocolate bar with that money. I think that your commission prices are way too low — that's coming from a guy who can only afford the cheapest of your commission options. Keep in mind that the minimum wage for an artist varies between $6/£4.72 and $10/£7.87 on average. The quality and amount of time spent on your work feeds into what it's worth. Your artwork is of a great quality, and looking at it I can assume that you spend at least 1–2 hours on each piece. Therefore, I think you should raise the prices to a minimum price of 600 points. However, that's not in my hands, so do what you want. I just want to say, though; never undervalue your art. It's worth more than just money anyone could buy a cup of coffee with, a lot more. You're not just an art-producing machine, you're human—which people, for some unknown reason, seem to either forget or not consider—and you deserve credit.
KeyaraHedgehog09 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for this, I try to argue this a lot but people just do not listen to me I have to keep it low or I don't get any business, saying that even low I get nothing these days. We artists will never win in this struggle.
General-Kel Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2016
High. Not that much high but should go with bg at least for such price.
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