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Sometimes I think I should just give up on dA.. 

6 deviants said *idontfeelliketypingresponses*
5 deviants said *onlyahandfulgiveadamnanyway*

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Sonic-Spyro-Maestro Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know what you mean. There has been a lot of times where i have felt the exact same way. I've been here for almost 6 years now and I think at times it would just be simpler if I left. I hardy get any feedback at all, and when I do it usually is rare. In the long run though, I continue to choose to stay because of the friends I've made through this site and because I continue to hope that things will take a turn for the better. Just try to stay positive; Cherish the feedback and support you get, no matter how much it might be, and remember that there are people here who love your work and cant wait to see what you do next. :hug:
SassyMelvin Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Is there a certain reason why?
I feel like that from time to time
pyrorptrs Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2016
I know the feeling; it just seems like, no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, all your hardwork is ignored
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