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I know there's only 2 pages, I'm working on the 3rd and that'll be finished up soon I only have a bit of lineart left to do and I can shade and add effects.
I spend up to 12 hours on one page and I split it over 5-7 days so they do take an awfully long time to finish up, so I'd appreciate a little feedback on them.
Not things like 'good' or 'great' what's 'good'? what's so 'great' about it? 

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GodForSakenDragon Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
so...I took a look at your comic and I have a few things I can say about it but keep in mind i'm no professional manga artist but neither am I a newbie.
Right's okay to start the comic off with an action scene but as a viewer that know's nothing about either of the characters it's a little hard to follow exactly whats going on, as in what is happening. I couldn't figure out that the character was fighting another one until the end of the page it was also a little hard to tell which direction i needed to read the panels in. Now the comic as a whole is nicely drawn out but i have no idea what the story is about? is it to show the hate these characters have for each other or is this something that's carried over from something else you have worked? What direction is this comic going to be going in? maybe I'm being a little bias but I'm having a hard time following the dialog in the second page (obviously being that their wasn't really in the first page XD) I don't really understand where this deadly lynx stuff is coming from or why it shocks the other character when the one calling themselves that starts talking about it idk maybe all of these points I've said will be answered in the following pages or maybe I just need to do some research to try and understand the story. then again it's not my job as a viewer to go through extra work to be entertained (viewers are like sheep you have to guide them and show them whats going on because they can be to dumb to understand)
I hope this stuff helps and that I don't sound like a total dick. 
KeyaraHedgehog09 Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A few of those questions will become clear in other pages as the characters are introduced (here's only Rachel's part of the story) 
The comic will have 4 main sides: Keyara's, Keyara's friends, Demon's and the hunters issue with Rachel. All cross paths at some point. I've tried to make the page reading easier by adding little arrows, you read it like you would a book left to right.
This is my own story so no amount of research will help you understand it, this is part of the prologue.
As for the confusion anthro lynx Rachel get's called 'deadly lynx' by venom the other lynx, Rachel first laughs at it and then her temper gets the better of her, you'll see why she hates the name so much later on. 
Thanks for the in put it'll be useful to make the newer pages easier to follow c: 
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October 23, 2015