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EDIT: It's so very good to see people passing this around and donating to help this little puppy!
I'm going to try to help raise funds for this poor little puppy whose leg is broken! 
His owner is doing all she can but no one is helping her out. 
The info can be read here: 

Please try to make your order as clear as possible, these will be done quickly and added to my schedule as soon as I finish them. What ever money I raise will go straight towards helping this puppy. If you cannot buy then please by all means donate whatever you can (links below) even if it's $1 it all counts. There are 2 links, one for donations one for commissions.

Here's all my open art:
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NSFW and SFW boob icons by KeyaraHedgehog09

Ych 08 ENDS TODAY by KeyaraHedgehog09
To send donations use this link here:

To pay for commissions use this one here:

MetroZer00 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I'll definitely go and donate to that poor little guy
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August 27, 2016


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