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I don't get much free time but I could do with earning some cash on the side (I can always offer points for money if need be) because I'm not gonna lie my wages don't seem to last from one month to the next no matter how I try to limit spending. No joke, to top it off last week really put a dent in my earnings. So if anyone wants to collab with me you'll be doing me a huge favour, now saying that I don't collab with just anyone, I need to like your style and more importantly commissioners do. I may do so many collabs with a number of different artists, so to apply all you have to do is colour this picture right here:
Colouring challenge by KeyaraHedgehog09
Rules are in the description and you must follow them, they're there for a reason. To lessen the chance of art theft keep my watermark and put your watermark on the drawing it will show we worked as a team on the creation of this art piece and thieves are less likely to try to steal it.

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Submitted on
February 9, 2017


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