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Sat Jan 12, 2019, 10:26 AM
This is all I have to do before this account will die, if you wish to continue supporting me please watch my new account.
I do not link it directly but know I still use my old signature from this account on all my works.


PayPal (2007-2014)(2) Icon ultra Paypal
Bullet Blue:iconrileyslilstar:Bullet Blue
Arrow left x2 characters - couple PB Red - Starting by Oceannist
Bullet Blue:iconkyogia2864:Bullet Blue
Arrow left x3 single characters PB Red - Starting by OceannistPB Red - Starting by OceannistPB Red - Starting by Oceannist
Arrow left x2 characters - couple PB Red - Starting by Oceannist

Points Points Points
Bullet Blue:iconsunshinecat2:Bullet Blue
Arrow left Single character PB Red - Starting by Oceannist


PayPal (2007-2014)(2) Icon ultra Paypal
Bullet Blue:icongoosehudson:Bullet Blue PB Red - Starting by Oceannist

Points Points Points
Bullet Blue:iconalternativeayva:Bullet Blue PB Red - Starting by Oceannist

Its been a pleasure but I needed to move from this account for personal reasons, I hope to see you there.

Starting a new

Tue Jan 1, 2019, 11:31 AM
If you don't know by now I do have another account I started recently with the hopes of wiping the slate clean and starting over from nothing. This seems like a strange thing to want to do I know but for now I'm building a new account.

All owed art from this one will remain here, though eventually this one will die off as I will be less and less active here.

Why this change?
I dunno, I guess I need to go back to my roots of having nothing again, starting from the bottom and working my way back to where I am now but with a lot of changes.
For instance be more active with watchers and not let my stacks get to be 10,000 messages long.
To give something back to my watchers every now and again.

I will not be linking my account, if you truly want to continue supporting me you will need to find me.

10 free drawings

Wed Dec 26, 2018, 1:41 PM
I have a lack of motivation lately and I have a few days off so I thought I'd do something nice by giving out free drawings.
The style I will be drawing them in will be uploaded soon so hang tight.

Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! No I have not Forgotten owed art. Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U!
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! No I won't draw every character sent to me. Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U!
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Yes they are digital. Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U!
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U!  Yes you must watch me, and not for the sake of free art. Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U!
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Yes you can upload the art you get but with proper credit onlyDot Bullet (Black) - F2U!
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! No you may not sell on items or pass off as your own. Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U!
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! No you cannot have more than one character in the picture. Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U!
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Yes you may choose the colour of the background. Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U!

I do not respond to "May I?" Please just link who you would like, nothing specific if you want to get a proper art tailored to how you'd like it then by all means commission me, otherwise its my discretion what I draw and how I draw it.

I will try to reflect their personality as best I can.

I will highlight characters I will be drawing so its easier for me to remember who I have chosen.


Making a come back

Fri Dec 21, 2018, 5:46 AM
Its going to be a hard week because retail never rests at Christmas, I have an 11 hour shift I'm not looking forward to and aside Christmas day and New years day I'm pretty much working all over christmas to the new year. I haven't 100% recovered my strength from my two 6am starts last week but I have enough energy to stab my comms list.

But in spite of that I'm working on all owed art, I have plans for a January sale I'm looking at the styles most enjoyed and working to improve them and make them available to commission.
In the new year my contest will be in full swing to make use of all the points I have that I no longer need, though as always I would like my contest to have a minimum entry otherwise I may end up cancelling and just paying people for art.

Comics are nowhere near being ready but concepts are coming and its slowly developing, its a long slow process to make it how I envisioned it.

I hope you all have a fabulous christmas!
Enjoy my art spam and I'll be back in full swing in the new year.

New years resolution: "to give something special back to my watchers"


Mon Dec 10, 2018, 10:05 AM
This contest officially starts on the 1st of January, here's your chance to read and decide what your making, of course you can start early c:

First lets break down the rules:

> You must share my journal and tell me your in by linking it below.

> Please read through the art I accept and that which I don't before making your picture.

> If you want info on a character to help you make your entry please by all means ask!

> Picture must be clear to see (if a photo taken in a light place) if I cannot clearly see it or if it appears too dark I will not qualify it.

> This contest is not judged on quality, it is judged on creativity and ambition.

> Use of bases is prohibited.

> you may collab but the prize will be split between you half and half.

> Drawings must be fully shaded (I will make an exception for animation or comics as they're a much larger scale to work with than an illustration).

> You may have one entry per character or up to three in total, choosing whomever you like for each picture.

> Please only comment if your serious about entering.

> This contest must have at least 10 names down or it will be cancelled or prizes significantly lowered.


Draw any of the following characters:


Adriana  by KeyaraHedgehog09
Bio can be found here: Adriana bio 2018
Your welcome to draw Nitriana as well.


Iris Ayame by KeyaraHedgehog09
A wolf demon with wind and nature powers, she has no tail.
(based on Inuyasha)

Rachel and Spirit

Rachel Full ref by KeyaraHedgehog09Spirit REF by KeyaraHedgehog09

Her clothes can be any colour but her favourite jacket is red.
Spirit can only be drawn next to her in her human form.
If you can do a better fire texture than me I take my hat off to ya.
* Spirit cannot be drawn on his own *

I will accept:

> My characters drawn in their own styles (Adriana must be mobian and Iris must be Kemonomimi )
> Characters drawn with official characters if applicable (example Adriana with Sonic or Iris meeting Kagome) Providing they are kept in character.
> Any form or art 
Traditional, digital animation, comic etc.

I will not accept:

> Characters drawn out of their style (example Rachel as a mobian)
> Characters in NSFW, or any fetish art
> Harm coming to any of my characters, them drawn beaten up or cut open (I will allow mild harm to them providing it is part of a story and they win the battle in the end).
> offensive art.

How will you be judging this contest?

I will judge based on:
> How well you portray the character.
> You will get bonus points the more effort I see (backgrounds, full illustrations, skits, animation or comics)
> Attention to detail, how much detail you put in to making my character look like their refs but lifelike.
> Impact it has, if I stare at it and take in its aw.


The part you all wanna know.

1st place

> 5,000 :points: or $50 by widget

2nd place

> 3,000 :points: or $30 by widget

3rd place

> 2,000 :points: or $20 by widget

If I get more than 20 entries I will start to add in a few extras.
If you want to add a prize to this contest you will get a little something from me as a thank you for being a gem <3



Deadline: TBA

My internet is now back up and running but I’ll keep this up to date for people interested in knowing what's happening.

So without further ado
Awaiting Payment Progress Bar

:iconsyl-ka: 100% Progress Bar CP
:iconshadowartistgirl: 100% Progress Bar 
:iconannethefox: 75% Progress bar 
:iconxxariaknightxx: 50% Progress Bar
:icondubstarsapphire: 50% Progress Bar 50% Progress Bar 50% Progress Bar 
:icondreamer-queen: 50% Progress Bar
:iconrileyslilstar: 0% Progress Bar 50% Progress Bar 
:icongoosehudson: 50% Progress Bar 0% Progress Bar 
:iconkyogia2864: 0% Progress Bar 0% Progress Bar 0% Progress Bar 0% Progress Bar  
:iconsunshinecat2: 0% Progress Bar Awaiting Payment Progress Bar 
:iconthesparklymisfit: 0% Progress Bar 
:iconalphabeastsigma: 0% Progress Bar 
:iconalternativeayva:  0% Progress Bar

If I missed anyone please tell me, its hard to look and keep track on mobile.

I miss the times I could come home and actually draw my ass off. Unfortunately having a tablet that takes 10mins to set up and just as long to put away it really cuts down my very little free time so I basically start a sketch get less than half way done and have to call it quits. 

So as this is the time for giving I’m offering traditional artwork for free. I will only be doing sketches and of course you can ask for a sinful one as well, I will only do females for the sinful sketches and I will say anime is only half body. I will not be drawing every character that graces the comments section. I will probably only do a handful until I get more free time to draw with my tablet. 

3 day 30% off SALE

Sat Nov 24, 2018, 8:06 AM
In the good spirit of Black Friday UK has decided to continue I will be hosting 30% off my full body range!
Please note Sonic examples and prices will be on the Left, Anthro and Human on the right.



Redraw Kechi Boom by KeyaraHedgehog09Nyanpng by KeyaraHedgehog09
Sonic: 350:points: or $3.50
Antro/Human: 560:points: or $5.60

Coloured Sketch

Redraw Krystalia by KeyaraHedgehog09Slurp  by KeyaraHedgehog09
Sonic: 420:points: or $4.20
Antro/Human: 630:points: or $6.30


Redraw Naomi  by KeyaraHedgehog09no example
Sonic: 560:points: or $5.60
Antro/Human: 700:points: or $7

Inked with Flats

Redraw Sammi  by KeyaraHedgehog09Erza Scarlet  by KeyaraHedgehog09
Sonic: 600:points: or $6
Antro/Human: 770:points: or $7.70

Cel Shade

Domino  by KeyaraHedgehog09Redraw Katiana  by KeyaraHedgehog09
Sonic: 700:points: or $7
Antro/Human: 840:points: or $8.40

Soft Shade

Redraw Blue Beauty  by KeyaraHedgehog09No example
Sonic: 770:points: or $7.70
Antro/Human: 875:points: or $8.75

Sonic X

C TotallyTits Sonic X  by KeyaraHedgehog09NA
Sonic: 840:points: or $8.40

Ends 28th Nov at 6am any orders made after this time will not be counted.


Im still here

Tue Nov 20, 2018, 2:28 AM
I’ve not disappeared without a trace. 

Instead I'm slowly recovering my energy, you see while I’ve been gone I have had much to do. For starters I have 2 dogs, not puppies not rescued my house mate had a previous “house mate” and they had 2 dogs together, when it turned south and I moved in they took the dogs with them. I think it was just to spite us because now “they can no longer have them” so I wake up every morning earlier than I would normally because if one is not fed by a certain time he barks his head off. In fact as soon as they hear my eyes open they’re barking and if given access to my room will proceed to come in and bark in my face plus jumping on and off the bed spinning like a loon. So there’s why I’m absolutely exhausted, my house mate can’t get up during the week because of working between 12pm and 12am and they choose to go out at the weekend. Today is different though because they actually let me sleep in for once and I feel so much better for it. 

Other things are ofcourse my driving lessons I’ve been going for 2 months now and they mentioned my theory so my guess is I’m either ready for it or I’m close to being ready so hopefully soon I can actually pass my test and stop relying on stupid buses. Let’s face it they’re rip offs £5 for a return journey that is 10 minutes away geez. I can’t wait for it though I really need to look at my theory books yikes... can’t you make the road easier to drive on without all these books I gotta sit through there’s like 200 pages. 

I also have an apprenticeship to complete but some of the stuff I have to do isn’t made clear, uploading it to where they want isn’t exactly made simple so I’m struggling through that, however he said I don’t have to do it in my time rather works time so that’s why I won’t be touching it at home and cluttering up my time away from work with work related things. 

Finally if you read some of my posts before I left you’ll know I applied to become a team leader. Sadly I didn’t get chosen but it wasn’t because I didn’t do well in my interview, they feel I don’t have enough exposure to the role or experience to do it right away and they feel it would have just overloaded me. Another part to being forever tired is because I have had days training to be a team leader, it’s got a lot to it for sure but once I get used to it I think I could manage okay. 

Long ass journal but hey now you know I haven’t left you I’ve just been busy working my butt off. 

I need to feel inspired again...

Fri Nov 16, 2018, 11:55 AM
Show me some of your favourite:
> Artworks
> Artists
> Characters

I need something to get me inspired to draw again.

Please and thank you :sadtard: 

Ask me anything!

Sat Nov 3, 2018, 4:13 PM
Seeing as how I'm being more productive in taking time to reply and I do on the odd occasion sit for an hour or two just replying messages, I thought it would be a nice idea to open up a question journal where you guys can get to know me by asking me loads of questions. So long as they aren't personal I will gladly answer any you may have.

If you guys want to ask me about how I do my art please pick a specific topic like hair or posing/anatomy because theres a lot to cover when you ask how I draw or my techniques or tips.

Ask me about:
> Art
> My comics
> My characters
> My favourites
and so on :)


Fri Nov 2, 2018, 11:21 AM
I have over 20 of them to do and a lot of people are getting antsy at my lack of response because I'm juggling a lot at the moment. Please bare with me with your orders I am trying to get round to each of you but I don't want to accept loads at once and then feel under pressure.

I'll make a full list here soon with paypal orders and points.

Thank you for all your support with the cheap sketch busts, you have helped me out a bunch and I will open them again soon but I just want to get through 99% of them before I take on more. I don't need more stress right now.

Current to do list

PayPal (2007-2014)(2) Icon ultra Paypal
Bullet Blue:iconrileyslilstar:Bullet Blue
Arrow left x2 characters - couple
Arrow left Single character
Bullet Blue:icongoosehudson:Bullet Blue
Arrow left Single character - cosplay
Bullet Blue:iconkyogia2864:Bullet Blue
Arrow left x4 single characters
Arrow left x2 characters - couple

Points Points Points 
Bullet Blue:icondubstarsapphire:Bullet Blue
Arrow left x3 Single character
Bullet Blue:icondreamer-queen:Bullet Blue
Arrow left Single character
Bullet Blue:iconsunshinecat2:Bullet Blue
Arrow left Single character

This is only for the flat coloured sketch busts.

OCT updates - Changes to commissions

Fri Oct 26, 2018, 4:57 AM
Hello my lovely watchers, I hope your all well on this Friday morning/evening/night!

I thought I should explain a few things as my time has been spent juggling a lot of different things and I never got chance to fully flush out and complete my commission journal before everything got crazy and I had to open them in the dire circumstances.

Work is slowing down so much there are weeks I've only had my core hours, I haven't had a 6 day week for a while and so commissions are a must in order to keep my funds reasonable. Without my full 6 day week my wages are going to be 3/4 of what they usually are and that makes keeping on top of money far more difficult, before pay day I was £20 left which I wouldn't have had if it hadn't been for commissions, so you see at the moment I do really need them. My housemate doesn't understand "pace yourself with spending" and I'm often in trouble because they're buying more shopping than we need and it ends up being wasted sometimes, like eggs we rarely eat them but instead of buying 6 pack to cover what we were using them for he buys a 12 pack which we are most likely not going to use up before they're useless.
I'm doing all I can to pace spending and cut it down as much as I can.

Now you know my situation I will explain what changes I made from August to the commission list.

1. Sections
Now you'll notice 4 sections:
> Sonic
> Anthro / Human
> Chibi
> Backgrounds

These are designed to break up my prices and make it easier to see how much the total will be it also gives you a better look at what your getting. (I'm still missing examples so please bare with me on that ^^; )

2. Anthro / human higher prices
Anthro and human are of a higher price than Sonic style, this is because of the significant time difference and effort it takes to get it to a decent standard, I draw anthro a lot like human so this is why they're the same section of the commission journal.

3. Background examples
I decided to actually include the kind of things I can do for backgrounds, I made the easier backgrounds free and those with a little more thought slightly more expensive. Gradient, white or transparent are all free.

4. Changes to the ordering form
The ordering form now looks like a long list but this is so you can get the most out of your orders, leaving them blank or not including them I will simply use my own creative mind. By default: no sketch preview will be given and finally I will do transparent backgrounds, if there's no pose specification then I'll do one I feel fits the character.

5. Speedpaints
Some commissions will be recorded, I'll try to do this as often as possible and whatever I record I will eventually make them into speedpaints on my youtube channel, if you ever want to know If your commission is eligible for speedpaints or if I have started making a speedpaint out of it then by all means ask. I have to be careful on the music I use so they're probably not the nicest songs but hopefully in muting and listening to your own you can get along with them, I have had speedpaints blocked because of them being sensitive on the music I used.

That's all I have to update you on for now, I'm always open to your questions if you need anything clearing up.
Thanks for taking the time to read my changes and understanding them :) 


Fri Oct 12, 2018, 1:38 PM



cheap comms ( LIMITED TIME ONLY)

Tue Oct 9, 2018, 10:52 AM
These are now $2 or 200 :points:
many orders made before the change my old rates apply

SLOTS: unlimited

To make this quick and easy for us both please read the following and order as specified.


PAYPAL: Please note me the information.
Points: Please go to my page and use the commission widget to place your order (It can also be found under miscellaneous in your notifications if you haven't already cleared them out).


> link to a clear image of the character. I will not accept blurry pictures or pictures where I cannot get details and colours effectively.
> Expression, you can have head tilts, salutes etc. so long as it can remain as a bust.
> As halloween is coming up you can ask me for cosplay or spooky makeup, though I prefer if you link what your after so I can get it right. 

PC nyanpng 2 of 2 by KeyaraHedgehog09
C LxJ by KeyaraHedgehog09
PC kisurii by KeyaraHedgehog09

PC kelcaroo92 by KeyaraHedgehog09

PC numbsoul by KeyaraHedgehog09

PC annethefox 1 of 2 by KeyaraHedgehog09

I'll probably post a bunch of commissions so you guys can see different variations of what you can order and what it will look like.


Sun Sep 30, 2018, 10:03 AM
Work is a nightmare... with so many new starters for Christmas has meant I hardly have any damn shifts my next wages is going to be absolutely shit. I need help boosting my funds which means I have to work on commissions, I have to suck up my art block and press on through.
If you cannot buy please share.


Bird Popstar ADOPT (OPEN) set priced by KeyaraHedgehog09
$40 or 4,000:points:
Adopt 29 CLOSED by KeyaraHedgehog09
Auction, Please comment on the drawing not this journal.
SB: $5 or 500:points:
MI $1 or 100:points:
AB: 2,000:points:


Commissions are OPENPlease note there has been a lot changed about this journal as of August 2018, please read through carefully and be sure to comment or note me your order with all the required info. Some styles don't have an example yet.

* Commissions can take a while to complete please be patient *
All commissions done are yours but I have a sincere request that you do not upload unwatermarked work as this is much easier to steal. Art work is for non-commercial use.
You can request anything in regards to your commission, ask for props or for them to use powers have companions like chao or familiars etc. do this under requirements.
Sketch previews work to ensure you get the most out of your commission, it works as follows:
Initial sketch > Refinements > Final product.
Please do not complain about my prices
Commission FAQ
Accepted payment methods:  
Commissions OPENFlat colour bust
150 :points:
Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! OPEN 
Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! OPEN 
Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! OPEN 
Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! OPEN 
Cel Bust

200 :points:
Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! OPEN 
Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! OPEN 
Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! OPEN 
Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! OPEN 
Detailed cel bust
300 :points:
Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! OPEN 
Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! OPEN 
YCH bust

<da:thumb id="766715308"/>


If you can trade :points: and give my $$ please say how much you can spare and we'll trade!

Yeah it's one of those journals.

A many of you may know I'm pretty lousy at replying to people, some of my responses can be up to a year after you initially comment and I'm not going to sugar coat it I have been lacking in my responses and I'm mad at myself for that. I have over 200 messages and if you commented in the last year you will notice I'm starting to get down that list. Yes she's finally talking to you. I'm starting from the older notifications and moving to newer so you may not hear from me for a few hours after this journals initial upload. That being said not every comment will be replied.
Well sometimes people comment on 10 drawings with "good" or "nice" etc one worded comments on like 10 all at once which is pretty annoying. While I appreciate you taking the time to tell me you like my work its just the same as a fave because its not feedback your just saying "I like it" Your not telling me what or why and it can be kinda irritating because I'm left wondering what it is you liked?
I'm not saying don't comment because I love hearing from you I just find it hard to do much with one word but "thanks" which takes my attention away from those who take time to comment and give me feedback on improvements I could make or errors they have spotted that I could be fixing.

So now thats cleared up I'm doing a lot of things lately which are impacting my art and progression.

Driving lessons
As of this Friday just gone I am taking driving lessons which are costing me £50 a week for a 2hr block. This means 2hrs are completely gone from my commission time which I usually do on a Friday as its my one day off and the only time I get to spend all day relaxing. This doesn't mean progress will stop completely, just really slow as I no longer have as much time.

Work continues on as normal being gone 51hrs a week usually, I have thought about a retail apprenticeship but I feel with all the stuff I have on my plate currently that would be far too much to try to handle as of right now. My manger will be hugely disappointed in me but if she wants me to do the "Scan as you shop champion" stuff and train my fellow colleagues I can't be expected to spend 5 hours on a different task, I feel I'd be stretching myself too thin.

Commissions will be a Friday activity, I will work on them as much as possible during the time I have available to me, note Fridays are also days where I must catch up for the week and get groceries and go out for things I need as the only way I can go out without taking 2 hrs travelling time is if my housemate takes me and the only day we both have off is, you guessed it Friday. Now for the moment my motivation for art without the use of a base I made months ago is... shocking. I can't get my faces to look right I can't think of ways to work with characters I'm just a mess so I feel its best to keep trying but only post what I find is best for you the commissioner. I pride myself on providing you with the best art I can, of course you can rush me but it'll look a mess and you have only yourself to blame for not letting me process it so its the best it can be.

I have been having a bunch of ideas for adoptable lately it also helps me with design as I still have characters to design for my comic and any designs I feel will be particularly useful to my comics I will not sell. These will be my main source of income until I can get back into the swing of my commissions. I appreciate all who share my adopts and I do promise I will share something for you in return. My reply and comment stacks are being thoroughly looked through and replied so I ask you be a little patient as your requested advertised journal/art etc may get buried while I'm shuffling through.

Lynx of crimson ruin
The comic revolving around Spirit and my persona/fursona is actually in the works right now, I often day dream at work when on breaks or when its quiet so I had a few ideas come to me and I'm putting them into comic form, please bare in mind this comic is not for everyone. It is designed to mimic life and all of its problems there will be blood, there will be criminals of all classes, including trafficking, rape, murder, yandere's and so much more. It also has a hint of religion as part of my main cast include the Goddess of Hope and despair, Mistress of time and space, Goddess of Lustful intent and of passionate love, etc. some of which will be inspired from mythology. In this world I make the faith you have for a god will be what ables them to exist and without belief they fade and die. So if this stuff offends you please do me a favour and don't read my comic and then post your comments just hating on it, you've been warned to its content.
I'm doing this traditionally at night after work in small sessions.

Thats all I really have to say at this point.
Thank you and goodnight

Please share my adopts!

Thu Sep 20, 2018, 9:04 AM
I would love it very much if you guys could help me out by sharing my adopts! In return I will advise your adopts/comms etc as well! 
Adopt 29 CLOSED by KeyaraHedgehog09

Adopt 34 CLOSED by KeyaraHedgehog09

Planning a huge contest

Mon Sep 17, 2018, 12:02 PM
I love Adriana to death and I realise some of my adopts need love so I wanna host a big contest with up to 10,000 points in prizes, but I NEED to gather a few more points.

You can help me make my contest possible by sharing my comms.

Prizes will be
up to 10,000 in points
possible art prizes

Commissions OPEN

Sun Sep 16, 2018, 11:59 AM

Flat colour bust

150 :points:
Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! OPEN 
Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! OPEN 
Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! OPEN 
Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! OPEN 

Cel Bust

YCH kawaifairies by KeyaraHedgehog09 YCH tessaiyasongbird by KeyaraHedgehog09

200 :points:

Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! OPEN 
Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! OPEN 
Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! OPEN 
Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! OPEN 

Detailed cel bust

300 :points:

Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! OPEN 
Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! OPEN 
Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! OPEN 
Arrow Bullet (Purple) - F2U! OPEN 

YCH bust

Available as flat colour, simple cel and detailed cel, same prices as specified above.
YCH bust batch OPEN by KeyaraHedgehog09