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Piranha Plant Ear Gauges

By Kexita
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its a piranha plant coming out of a warp tube! eee! Careful he doesnt bite you as you stick him in your ear!

Available in sizes 2g-1/2. $14.00 for a full pair, $9.00 for just one. :3 if you'd like to order a pair, please read this first! [link]

***WANT A SIZE BIGGER THAN 1/2?*** it is possible, simply read this first! [link]
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I want a pair of those in the size 2G (6mm? Right?)
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I would LOVE a piar of these!
Email is
Or my cell phone you can reach me at any time 623 210 8518
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Hey do you still have these?
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Hey there!
I absolutely love your plugs ^.^
I was wondering if you shipped elsewhere, other than the US?
I'm happy to pay extra shipping, etc! :)
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Hey there :)
I was wondering if these could be shipped anywhere else other than the US?
I'm from australia, and I absolutely LOVE these!
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woaaah these are amazing.
but we measure them differently where i am.

what is the smallest size you do in millimetres?
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I am so sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I feel terribly guilty, but my store was on indefinite hiatus without any indication of it being so. The full explanation is in my journal.

I'm actually not sure. o.o; I don't know the metric system which is a horribly uneducated thing to say. If you're still interested though, let me know and Ill look it up. thanks!
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aha, its alright n_n
i've KIND of figured out the different measurements.

00g is like, 10mm.
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ah, i see! Well that would definitely be do-able. ^_^
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pleaseeee get bigger sizes, i want these & the heartless plugs in bigger sizes than half inch :/ .
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mmmyes, i can do this for you. How big did you have in mind? The price goes up slightly after 1/2 to make up for the cost of material but its still pretty inexpensive.
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well, i just found some sick plugs on BAF,
but id need them in 5/8ths, if i were to get them.
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I can make them for you in 5/8 if you want. They'd be $15.00 for a full pair, (and $2 for shipping) but no pressure if you found something you like better on BAF. :]
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