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Hey, it's Kewlio, if you don't know, and I've decided to post on this thing again. zOMG ya rly lol.

Yeah, so first, I'd like to just kind of put out there that I'm working with thriethetiger and his wife Aly to create a new webcomic. All I can draw decently is Kirby, so I'll be providing two characters -- Azure and Serena -- as well as some storyline and such, while he'll be drawing. We've figured out most of three chapters' worth of storyline, and it's looking pretty freaking cool so far. Go check his gallery out for pictures of our characters. You can also read the character sheets for my two characters on my profile -- just as a warning, though, there are some spoilers.

Meanwhile, since I'm advertising stuff already, I'd like to mention that I've been recording some Let's Plays, mostly of MegaZeux games... If you'd like to take a look, check out my YouTube channel here. For those of you who don't know, a Let's Play is a player-commentaried run through a game, wherein the commentary is normally live, but sometimes is recorded afterward. (Mine is live, FYI. :P) Check it out!

Okay, that's all for now.

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Submitted on
August 22, 2009