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"You will never have another hero! You will never have another chance! You will fall because you never tried to stand for yourselves!"

Words carefully chosen by Protoman, to give an impression of dominance over the crowd to his superiors. However, to anyone listening carefully, they were a cry of ralliment.

You will never have another hero!

The only one of you who has shown any resistance has been my father, Thomas Light. Unable to fight the machine he created with his own hands, he created a new machine. His son. Myself. I fought for you. Nobody else did. I fell. Nobody picked me up. He created another son, who he forbade to fight. The fight was not his. He took it upon himself, and now, he stands before me, before Wily, before all of you, ready to fight.

You will never have another chance!

Dr. Light is a brave man, a brilliant man. But he is an old man, who has grown jaded over the years. He has neither the will of spirit nor the worldly time to bring about another hero. Your time is now.

You will fall because you never tried to stand for yourselves!

But if you stand now... Stand beside your new hero... Come together, and realize you can be free... Then I will stand with you. I will turn against my master. We will all fight. And some of you will fall, and die fighting. And some of you may rise, and live free. But you will have won. Either way, you will be free of this tyranny. Do nothing...and I will fight my brother. And he may fall, and your hero will die. And I may fall, and you will see it as a victory. But you will have lost. My brother will either lose his life, or lose his resolve. You will be left without a hero, and Wily will order your deaths. You will die, victims of your inaction.

Destroy him! You must do it! You're our only hope! Kill Protoman! be it.





He could not save himself.

It was not his duty to save himself. You all could have saved him when you had the chance.

How could he save us?

If you wanted freedom so badly, you would have saved YOURSELVES when he fell in battle.

For all the blood he shed, your brother failed us.

He fought with every bit of strength in his body. But the will of one is not enough to save all.

There's nothing you could do.

The only bit of truth these people can manage.

You had no choice.

You gave me no choice.

Why do you cry for him?

He is my brother. He was my brother. I killed him. You all killed him.

You are the hero.

No. I am no hero.

You are the hero.

And you are the dead.

I dunno. Just something I thought up while I was in the shower just now. Kinda wish I could apply colour to this text. And that the spacing wasn't so monstrously wide. @__@ Whatever, I need to sleep.
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November 2, 2013


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