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The Will of One - A study
"You will never have another hero! You will never have another chance! You will fall because you never tried to stand for yourselves!"
Words carefully chosen by Protoman, to give an impression of dominance over the crowd to his superiors. However, to anyone listening carefully, they were a cry of ralliment.
You will never have another hero!
The only one of you who has shown any resistance has been my father, Thomas Light. Unable to fight the machine he created with his own hands, he created a new machine. His son. Myself. I fought for you. Nobody else did. I fell. Nobody picked me up. He created another son, who he forbade to fight. The fight was not his. He took it upon himself, and now, he stands before me, before Wily, before all of you, ready to fight.
You will never have another chance!
Dr. Light is a brave man, a brilliant man. But he is an old man, who has grown jaded over the years. He has neither the will of spirit n
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Raise a Glass for Christmas by KewlioMZX Raise a Glass for Christmas :iconkewliomzx:KewlioMZX 0 2 devID 110317 by KewlioMZX devID 110317 :iconkewliomzx:KewlioMZX 0 0 Rainbow Beast by KewlioMZX Rainbow Beast :iconkewliomzx:KewlioMZX 0 0
Meditative walking
Meditative walking is a very relaxing way to spend half an hour. Some people can just sit there, close their eyes, and shut everything out. I've tried it, and it doesn't work. However, I've figured out how to make meditation work for me. Maybe it'll work for you.
Before You Go
Pick your element. Pretty simple. Are you going to walk during the day, or at night? On the beach, along a trail, or in the suburbs? Pick an area that you think will be most peaceful, and which you can be "in tune" with.
Pick your route. Pick where you'll be walking. Pretty simple. The best route to pick is generally one which will loop on itself, so you don't have to make a conscious decision to turn around and go back.
Learn your route. Learn where it goes left or right. Learn where it goes up or down. Know the route so that you could practically walk it with your eyes closed. (Note that actually closing your eyes while walking can be troublesome, so avoid doing it!)
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Gentoo Rescreenie 100526 by KewlioMZX Gentoo Rescreenie 100526 :iconkewliomzx:KewlioMZX 0 1 Gentoo Screenie 100525 by KewlioMZX Gentoo Screenie 100525 :iconkewliomzx:KewlioMZX 1 9
Silly short
"Sir Bob! Sir Bob! The evil Rotundra is at it again!"
Sir Bob the Unlikely, foolhardy that he is, rushes into another adventure! What will await him today?
Amy from Next Door is able to catch up to Sir Bob before he takes off.
"It's dangerous to go alone," she says. "Take this!" She slaps him.
"OW! What was that for?!", said Sir Bob.
"That's for even THINKING about going alone, you crazy goon."
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Behold, The Internet by KewlioMZX Behold, The Internet :iconkewliomzx:KewlioMZX 3 7 Kiss the Sky by KewlioMZX Kiss the Sky :iconkewliomzx:KewlioMZX 14 2 Dock Behind Chatham Centre by KewlioMZX Dock Behind Chatham Centre :iconkewliomzx:KewlioMZX 2 2 Window to the Outside by KewlioMZX Window to the Outside :iconkewliomzx:KewlioMZX 2 0 Acadian Rainbow by KewlioMZX Acadian Rainbow :iconkewliomzx:KewlioMZX 1 0 Rain Sun by KewlioMZX Rain Sun :iconkewliomzx:KewlioMZX 2 0
:MnRn: Ciar and Acolytes lore
Please be aware: Anything labeled :MnRn: is subject to having spoilers. Read at your own risk.
Ciar's summoning
It happened a very long time ago. Even the Shadow Acolytes don't remember. Since they come into existence only to resummon Ciar when the time is right, time has become meaningless to them.
At the time, there was a cult of darkness in Japan. They always sought to cause chaos wherever they went. For the most part, they were fairly unsuccessful. There were thirteen of them in all.
They had a fairly large collection of literature and scrolls pertaining to the dark arts, some of which was brought in by travelers from faraway lands who sought people who shared their interests. Most of it either didn't do what it was supposed to, or failed to do much at all.
However, one person had found his way into this collection while the leader was away, so hungry for power that he would betray his own people. He had found a spell which was unlabeled. Their master forbade t
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:MnRn: Azure+Serena prologues
Please be aware: Anything labeled :MnRn: is subject to having spoilers. Read at your own risk.
Serena's story - November 25th, 2015
Just three days ago, it was her birthday. Serena had turned 18 years old. In the Akari family, a child's 18th birthday would mark their coming of age, and they would inherit the heirlooms related to this event.
From her father, Ken, a bank card, allowing her to partake of the Akari bankroll. As every member of this family was long-lived and productive, as a result of the benevolent magical power within them, they were quite wealthy. Some day, she would find a suitable husband, and her family would make their contribution.
From her mother, Noa, a golden collar, which has been in the family for many generations. It had been said that this collar would always bring good luck to its wearer. Serena had seen her mother faithfully wear it every day as a young child, and now, it would be hers to wear.
As she was in college at this point, it wa
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The Speed Gamers Pokemon Marathon!
The Speed Gamers group started their 2nd Pokémon marathon, presenting to all pokefans (and TSG fans) the "Gotta Catch 'em All" Marathon!
TSG wants to catch all the 493 pokémons finishing the following games: Fire Red, Leaf Green, Heart Gold, Soul Silver, Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond, and Pearl.
All the donated money will go directly to Ally's house and the team have the amazing $15,000 goal till the end of the 72hours of gaming!
Pokémon "Gotta Catch 'em All" Marathon started December 18 at 6pm CST. Now with 22 hours of playtime, the team already got more than 111 pokémons and the number goes up and up! :D
For more details:
The marathon going on at:

Now, cut of directly from the official site:
Details regarding the 72 hour Pokemon Marathon that starts on December 18th at 6 pm cst:
We, TheSpeedGamers, are a group of gamers who play video games to raise money for differe
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:icongoatz: tagged me with a thing! So now I have to say ten things about myself. ISN'T THAT SOMETHING?! XD

1) I am a cat. Cats are win. :3
2) I have a soft-modded Wii.
3) I dual-boot Windows 7 and Gentoo.
4) I don't smoke OR drink alcohol.
5) In fact, I really don't have much fun at all. o.o;;
6) I love thunderstorms. Someday, I'll have a picture of a lightning bolt in the sky.
7) I like programming, but haven't had much chance to do so lately.
8) I've been single for five years. :<
9) I wish it was 22 degrees every day.
10) It took me about an hour to come out with all of these. XD

Let's see, I suppose I have to tag people.
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