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 I have been spending the last few days and will continue the remainder of this week working on tweaking some guitar tones for the purpose of recording a song I have had laying around for a while, now. And, during the process I have put together two additional foundations for new songs. I will have to record at least the guitar tracks for those two and get the music written out.

 Essentially, while I have made good progress with the first song as in regard to getting a guitar tone I wish to use for it, I have created more work in the music arena for myself. But, that is a good thing as it means the creative wells are still productive for my music. The irony is that the first of the two new ones from this week is now further along as being finished at least for a demo version than the original piece that I had initially intended to bring to at least that level this week. The goal has now been amended to create at least demo quality versions of all three while merely writing sheet music out for any further new material inspired from this weeks endeavors and perhaps recording the rough idea for listening reference in the future.

 This week's experience reminds of one reason it is to occasionally take a break from any creative concentration. I have found that quite often, I can make more progress and have a fresh repertoire of new ideas and creativity with which to work upon breaking out the tools to go back to work after a little warm up session or two. :)

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Kevy Metal
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Submitted on
October 16, 2013