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Two Roles of a Mother

This is a follow up to my project from yesterday. This time I wanted to focus on two important roles of the mother: self sacrifice and pouring into.

All images by me. The arrows and the shield were made using 3D tools in photoshop. And the models, of course, are my wife and son!
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Ten of Swords?

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Helicopter/snowplow moms cause their children more pain in the long run. :|

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Amazing unique work. :clap:
Thats incredible 
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Saw the 'Two Roles of a Father' first,
And just like that one,
I love the message in this picture ^w^
And y'know,
The fact that she smiles while shielding and teaching her boy
Sends out another message methinks:
"The pain / sacrifice is worth the joy". 

Hi Kevin! I absolutely love this piece. Could I have your permission to purchase a large copy and use it in a protest in my state of N.J. ? We are fighting to oppose a bill that was introduced to completely obliterate religious exemptions for vaccines in this state. It would force children who are either selectively vaccinated or unvaccinated for religious reasons, out of any group setting of education- public, private, or charter. They are smearing us as “anti-science” when we have only to read the vaccine inserts presented by the manufactures themselves to see that injecting certain contents into our children’s blood goes directly against our beliefs. Jewish, Muslim, Christian....Vegan we are all in this together. I stood outside with hundreds of other parents in the sleet and snow yesterday into the night vehemently protesting this egregious bill that is set to steamroll our constitutionally guaranteed religious freedom. We were one of the loudest, longest, largest crowds in the legislatures history and ended up disrupting the Senate vote. They didn’t have enough votes of yes so they pulled the bill and will probably be reintroducing it again soon in which case I will be down there again fighting for our parental and religious rights. This image would be absolutely profound blown up large on a board. Could I please have your permission to purchase, enlarge it and use it for this purpose?

I see that someone else had asked, but I desperately would like to buy a print of this. How would I do that? I purchased the digital copies, but printing services won't print without express authorization.

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You can buy the prints at
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Brutal and sweet at the same time...Such a strange dichotomy that somehow works so well.
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Hmm 🤔I love the style of your art. That’s a given. I always appreciate seeing it pop up.

I am a bit hesitant on this piece. I believe the symbolism shows a mother taking the hits/making the sacrifice to protect the child. All this while also teaching.

I get it! Where I hesitate is the title. Is it the role of a mother to take fiery darts? What comes to mind is the armor of God and the shield of faith that should quench every fiery dart. This, just to me, appears as if mom is using her shield to only block fiery darts on another person (Her child of course). I am not against a sacrificial love as this is the love of God! I am simply skeptical of appearing like everything is okay when you are actually being hit by the devil. Not attacked by the devil, but hit multiple times, and bleeding out...but acting like it’s okay. I would not want mothers to assume that is their lot. Satan shouldn’t be hitting mothers like this and succeeding while mothers ignore it right? 🤔

I hope I am not too critical. I always enjoy your art. It is brilliant. I even enjoyed this piece regardless of my hesitation to accept its message 😆.

Are we able to purchase a copy?

Have you found a place to purchase?!

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My mom has this as her background for her phone.
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As a woman, I adore this piece. Beautiful artwork and message :heart: I've been following your work on Facebook for a while, and you have so much talent! Thank you for spreading such powerful messages about parenthood and Christianity.

To those who have been critical of this image, I just want to say that to me, this image shows even more strength than the image of the father. It's one thing to use a shield. It's another thing to use *your own body* as a shield. Doesn't the latter require even more bravery and strength? The fact that this mother is full of arrows just goes to show how much sacrifice it takes to be a mother. Men and women are indisputably different, so mothers and fathers put different things into raising children. I once heard a very true quote: "A mother can only be as happy as her saddest child." Generally speaking (there are of course exceptions), that's simply what mothers do. Mothers feel. To take away a mother's sensitive and compassionate and empathetic nature is to take away motherhood itself. Motherhood is wonderful and fulfilling, but it also hurts. A lot. Mothers hurt when they see their children hurting. Mothers hurt when they protect their children. Mothers will literally give their lives for their children. The fact that a mother has to sacrifice so much of her body and experience excruciating pain just to give birth to a child is evidence of this. And yet... they will all tell you it's worth it! This image is not only powerful, but accurate. It's rare that I see an image that celebrates womanhood in a realistic way more than this piece. :heart: 

Sir/Mam I am one of your fans...SHALOM and GOD BLESS YOU SO MUCH!

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amazing work for tarot images , It reminds me of the sword suit. Congratz

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nicely done and seamlessly put together :thumbsup:
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Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug Hug 
I'm in love with your work!!! I think it's stunning! I saw it on facebook and looked you up! did not disappoint! I'm obsessed with what I'm seeing! You are such an amazing artist!!! 
 I've got to say, a lot of non-Christian friends of mine see this and what they take from this is that, when this picture is put in the context of their own personal experience, women are seen as almost disposable. That the suffering of a woman is tragic but beautiful and necessary for the church. In a way that's not true for men. The man doesn't bleed as he gives his daughter flowers. Also, I'm curious as to why the mother is giving the son a book but the father is giving his daughter flowers. are you saying that the son is being raised to be wise but the daughter is just being told that she's pretty and deserves flowers? I must be confused about the symbolism there
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