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Two Roles of a Father

By kevron2001
Photo of the day - The two biggest roles of a father.

This was a remake of an image I did earlier this year, when I was trying to show the power of the shield of faith (Ephesians 6). But this time, I wanted to show a father caught in the middle. In between protecting and providing. In between assuring and adoring. As a father, its easy to just focus on one of these things and forget the other. But our kids need both. All photography by me.
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Astounding! 🙌🏾

Lord help me be such a Man!!!!!!

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Sadly not all the fathers are of this kind

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my father can no longer do that for me, physically, but spiritually, i know he's always watching over me 
WOW...thats pure power
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Nerves of steel are needed for that shield. 
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I really love the message in this picture,
And the description to go with it.
Very powerful,
Very beautiful.
Very profound message. ^w^
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Incredibly sweet and thoughtful.
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I'm in love with your Art.
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Mine would grab the flowers and run away xd
I lost my daddy when I was 9 and my mama was no replacement, she couldnt take care of a glass jar let alone a child she is dope fiend and an alcoholic I love her but I miss the support he gave me im glad you had this for fathers and not just mothers because sometimes it's too easy to focus on the negative fathers or mothers

tl;dr i do the big like
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Too bad my father will never be like that Haha..
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Quite right. Top marks to you. 
Checked this one out just now and like the Two Roles of a Mother I just saw this is beautiful as well. Excellent artwork.
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very nice emotional piece of art here. well done
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In times of so much hate against men, this piece of art shows love in our hearts, the strength of our soul and our mission to protect teach and learn, shows the face that this people deny to see, amazing creation, well done!
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I have a friend who never met his dad

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A father is more than just the person who helped in your creation. He is your teacher, your advisor, your support, your protector, your encouragement, your guide, and your comfort.
Looking back I can honestly say my birth father wasn't a father to me at all. He didn't seem interested in me or my brother. He took advantage of us and when my mother passed when I was little we had to comfort him rather than him comforting us. Now a days all he does is get drunk and this last time he said I should go kill myself. He is no father.
I met the man who I'd see as a father. He was a kind caring man who had no obligation to take me in but he did. He helped bring light into my world and guided me back to sanity. Unfortunately he passed not that long ago. I only had a few short years with him but I'll never forget all he did and the kindness he showed. He was the embodiment of a father.
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