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Earlier this year in our Sunday School, we taught a lesson about teaching your kids to suffer well, which is where the inspiration for this image came from. It's easy to just hold up the umbrellas every time a storm comes into our kid's lives and protect them from any type of discomfort. While there is definitely a time and place for parents to shelter and protect their children, it also necessary to teach them how to go through those trials.

"Consider it joy...when you face various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces perseverance" (James 1:2,3)

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our role as parents

PendragonArts-GEA's avatar
Again, brilliant artwork with a powerful message along with a universal truth, whether a person is religious or not... Amazing... :heart: :heart: :heart: Many  blessings to  you!
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love the message it gives and its so well made alsoClap 
DensLife's avatar
Impressive piece! :aww:
viinoush's avatar
theres raim.... pouring around her.... like a shit ton of rain..... water would still form.... and since water will form it will pour towards her bc water is liquid....
shes gonna boat anyway...
kizelgius's avatar
MahouShoujoIceStar's avatar
lmao the kid's like ' well fuck you, hoes, im still stuck on this patch of fucking dirt with a fucking boat'
petecollins23's avatar
I don`t even understand any underlying " truth" to this. But my eyes were immediately drawn to it.
VictoriaREM's avatar
this artwork touch a deeper fiber in my heart, a little tear emerged... I'm doing a reparenting therapy right now and this work is so accurated! congrantz!
Jewel-Cat's avatar
This is such a sweet image, and I totally get what you're message is saying- you know though it's hard for the parents too, they love their children so much they don't want them to suffer- even though it's sometimes necessary and often times they try to shield them throughout a lot of things even things that maybe they need to live through to grow as a person.
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Hmn, interesting technicque. 
    fella thinking ( Reactions ) 
idk if they're helicopter parents, 
or, their help is totally inadequate for the on-coming deluge.
And, how is she going anywhere, with only one oar, 
and, no oarlocks? 
If there's a flood coming, maybe they all need to get in the boat-
and, start bailing. :shrug:
It made me think of paintings of The Flood, from Genesis-…
And, more currently- School Strikes for Climate Change-…
Nice work. :clap:
OrdoGemini's avatar

Wow, this is really beautiful. The colors and rain effects are awesome!

DolceLunaCreations's avatar
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Something about this I know that sounds like a negative word but I do not mean it that way. It’s just scary with awesomeness...if that makes any more sense.
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I love the book of James! :)

Jacob-Clark's avatar
wow. beautiful work!!!
snoogaloo's avatar
this is the perfect image to fit that idea and story!!
WolfHuntress7's avatar
woah this is just perfect
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