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Set Free

This was about a 5 hour digital painting, all done in photoshop. I gave up and wanted to quit about two hours in, but I decided to keep playing with it and see it through to the end. I just used one basic brush for all the paint strokes, and then of course I used a picture of myself and chains for the model. I love creating Biblical concepts and also painting water, so this is where my creativity lead me!
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so good! As soon as I saw this i had to animate it. I put it on pinterest here, with a credit *and link* back to you. If you'd prefer me to take it down just let me know! Thank you for sharing!

A very impressive image Kevin. I also enjoy a Biblical theme, and this is a well thought out creation.

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The water evaluated his danger level and knew better.
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woaaah that's exceptional
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The lighting is incredible~! Love the translucent look at the top of the water~!

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Absolutely stunning! This is one of my favorites by far!🌹
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Gorgeous art!!!
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So here's to new beginnings
And here's to breaking free
Let's chase a new horizon,
Chase who we're meant to be,
Just close your eyes and listen,
'Cause love's calling you and me,
To see a new tomorrow,
It's who it we're ment to be.

Luminate - New Beginings :)
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I've always seen the sea as an obstacle to surpass in my dreams.

Impressive work!!!

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ohhh ok i forgot it because it was a long time ago 
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No, Moses the man who freed the Jews from the Egyptians in the Bible.
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Oh wow, this is gorgeous!
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u h, you replied to someone’s comment-
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Oh, sorry about that, thanks for telling haha
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it's so beautiful-!:D
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May I share this on a FB group?
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This is gorgeous! I especially love all the colors and lighting you used in the water
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