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Love your enemies

With all of the terrorist attacks recently, it's very easy for us to become scared, angry, and even vengeful towards those who hate us. Unfortunately I believe that when these emotions overwhelm us, the terrorists have already defeated us. Christ tells us to love our enemies, and even to be joyful when they hate us (Lk 6:23), because that is when this world will see the love of God on full display. "Love your enemies" could be three of the hardest words that Christ ever spoke, but it is still a commandment and not just a suggestion. We do not look any different from the world when we hate those who hate us. Persecution is an extraordinary opportunity to live out the gospel of Christ, and I pray that we as Christians will not cling as strong to our hate as we do our love.
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If you love somebody, you don't put up with them mistreating you.

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I needed that♡

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Basically, if an enemy individual surrenders, you don't shoot him, or fire upon him if he raises the white flag, that kind of thing, and you keep your humanity by remaining humane to him when in combat; you don't have to make yourself vulnerable, even when it's commanded by God that you do so, but you do have to be willing to take and process prisoners from him when the individuals surrender, and you have to be quick in combat, in and out, no wasting time with gathering loot that can't benefit your colleagues in survival (think food as good and enemy money as bad for looting: food and drink can keep you alive, same with ammunition, but art and money and luxuries are not good to take), and focus on things that are useful for combat only.
Keep yourself focused on your duties and follow the regulations, also, anyone who's not an active combatant fighting against you is an ally or prisoner, same categories.
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Doesn't mean we have to accept them into our homes or not fight them, but do so with restraint... the US has historically had very good doctrines of how to love your enemies when in combat against them.
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I think it's one of the most difficult task of beign a christian. :(
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except christians tend to play the victim card when they often bully others :shrug:
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Absolutely. That's why Jesus had to keep reminding us to do good. Christians get it wrong a lot, especially when we forget to follow the words of Christ
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Um... Sorry for reading your reply but... Is it true? O3O
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wow a christian who doesn't deny it, that's a first
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Very, very hard to do.......but completely right and true 
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Bless you For This Important Reminder :)
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I love how colourful and cheerful it is ! And so 'Amen' to this verse ! :heart:

Why hate, when you can love ? Hate destroys you from the inside ... and then it will destroy the people around you ... it's like a disease.
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