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I'm new here

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All images taken at the North Carolina Zoon
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This special elephant has a lot of class :)

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A zebra-elephant!
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Very creative!
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This is really col and beautiful! It's like friendship! ♥

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Am I the only one who zoom it in just to see if the birds have stripes too?
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They are gonna prank the lions.
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Very nicely done! Great that even the bird gets the striped treatment! :)
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When in Rome...

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The question is: who is the new one?
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  Smrt by Marvemada Hello guys, i wish to ask if somebody want to take a look and cristisize my works, becuase i get stuck at some point with shadows and that stuff, i will appreciate your critics.Sry for my broken english, greetings from Serbia :D  
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Please don't advertise on someone else's work, you can go do that on the forums.
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Please don't advertise your works on someone else's artwork page. :roll:
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i just ask, chill out i can't find any forum. Im not advertise, just asking for help
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