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workers of the world

you have nothing to lose but your chains

some might remember this from a tshirt design...

slight rework up here, changed the typography a spot.
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They did 25 years ago and brought down the tyranny of communism
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You didn't change anything. It is stolen.
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From where? The original t-shirt design was mine also.
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Sadly don't remember exactly which website.
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If it weren't for the working class, we'd all be living in caves
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nice, good work
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Unless you're uniting against communism.
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Sounds right to me.
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Thanks! and thanks for the fav :D
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Пролетарии всех стран, соединяйтесь!:iconcommunism::+fav:
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:) Faving another one!
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Awsome design comrade, when is it going to be availible for production :)?
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Like I said to the necromacer, it should appear on [link] soon enough :)
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very nice, I shall fav it right away. Not to sound too materialistic, but if there is a shirt of some sort, I would be interested in finding out where. Alas, I fall prey to clothing that has a message I share...
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[link] if you keep an eye on that site it should appear some time... I was approached by a member of the FPM who asked if they could use my design as a shirt in their store with the profits funding the FPM and I sent the guy the design... It's mostly a matter of time

Thanks for the kind comments :)
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Good theme, I like the colors and how it looks aged.
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