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Sailor Moon

SAILOR MOON!!! And the Sailor Scouts, obvi.
I had so much fun completing this piece (right during the homestretch week before APE.)
This piece debuted at APE and I couldn't be happier with how it came out and the reception of it. If you can't tell, there's a soft spot in my heart for Mars and Jupiter. You can view a fuller, plumper, juicier description at my tumblr.
It will be available on my store as a print in two sizes sometime this week so stay tuned and keep checking for it. Let me know your thoughts!

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PotentiallyCute's avatar
Oh DANG this is SO COOL!!!
Vixen-Uchiha's avatar
I love it, I came across your art on pintreset and had to look at what else you have done
Skye-Rhyder's avatar
Has a vintage sci-fi look.
MorbidSilence13's avatar
So ninja-like!!! ♢♢♢♢
biaortega's avatar
So beautiful and original!
ShadyWinters's avatar
I really love this concept!!!!
RScottFischer's avatar
This is cool as hell.
FnafFan1632's avatar
sailor moon is the worst anime in existence
CelestialShimmer's avatar
Trying to start a internet war?
FnafFan1632's avatar
no, i just hate sailor moon
Tiger-Lilyy's avatar
Urrrrh Sailor Pluto... ♥
Tabascofanatikerin's avatar
Man, that's something completely different! Great, very interesting and impressive Sailor Moon artwork! :)
Just amazing. You truly captured the esence of the characters.
saki-guzman's avatar
Love your work. Also, your paintings on the female x-men.
Imajinn-Design's avatar
luvluvluv this!!! ;)
EleonoraT's avatar
Great idea! I love this Sailor' version!
28september's avatar
It's wonderful! I love it so much! SO badass and SOOOOOOO awesome!
Tiny question: why the red noses? I am not familiar with the red noses. Is it some kind of technique in general; does it represent something I don't know? I am very intrigued. 
CopperSphinx's avatar
Noooo way!!! The Sailor Scouts/Pretty Soldiers as warrior women from diverse cultures?!?! This is BRILLIANT.
fpbarros's avatar
Man, the reinterpreted costumes are so badass. Awesome!
Camiska's avatar
Oh man I definitively love your work !
ArtsyMaria's avatar
Wow. This is a really interesting interpretation of the characters! I'm kind of drawn to look at it! What made you think of this? I just think it is really interesting and the color scheme matches the art style you have chosen. Pleasing to the eyes! Clap 
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