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So, You came home after a long day, you kick back and relax, when your parents tell you you should go outside and enjoy the sun!
You decide to kick back in the grass, basking in the sun, when a shadow appears above you, smiling with no intent to harm you...
What is your action?

1-Say hi
2-Stay Silent
4-Ask what they want
Preds you can request
1-Daisy(Childish Dragoness)
2-Nimbini(candy Dragon)
3-Chai(chocolate Dragoness)
4-Roy(Red snake that loves making friends, and eating too)
5-Roxanne(Kind Dragoness that really likes to relax)
6-Samuel the Sammurott(Rather gruff voice, but is really soft on the inside, literally and metaphorically! :3)
ok, I felt like having a DA rp for some reason, It's gonna be vore based as well, any oc allowed if it's not 18+, I will be posting an art work of my characters soon, that you can rp with! :3
Well, Oregon here is an endless supply of rain and hail, well, im freezing cold here, wish me luck! :3
It's freaking hard to think up of comics, I want to show the beach hut... and the people within.... but also have it easy to follow... any ideas? anyone?I think I've fainted. 
Hi, My name is Kevintheminion73, But call me Kevin please, makes comments go much faster, I'll be here forever, as I can deal with criticism, but not judgement, like it's good or bad with no ways of pointing out why, so enjoy as I post art here every now and then. :3 <--- expect a lot of these!