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For a little while, I was considering starting a new profile and abandoning this one, saving it as sort of a record of my old artistic endeavors.

Instead, I've decided to put the majority of my submissions in the scrap folder. Anything I don't consider "up to snuff" will be put in the scraps folder from now on.

Don't expect a sudden influx of submissions, though. ;)
Alright, so, not too long after my previous release, I have another out now!

And thanks to Ruby-Throated (she's a user here, but I don't know how to make the link thing work) for the beautiful artwork.
Hey guys,

For those of you that read my journal, I have some news. I have just today released a new album. The White Tower, my first full length album, has been released on Pocket Change Records for free download.…
Alright, I'm back from Canada. Expect more from me in the near future.
Though most of you wouldn't know it, I've been around. I check dA all the time to keep up with what people are releasing.

That's not gonna be the case here soon. I'm heading up to Canada for three weeks, and though I'll have internet access up there, I have a feeling that I won't be using it too much. So I suppose I'll see you when I get back - hopefully I'll have some art to post.
I have just released my first "album" (it's really a single/EP) on Skrow!Media (a friend's netlabel). It is totally free to download, so if you're interested, go to and you will be able to download it. It's short at just about ten minutes total length, so it won't take you much time. Be warned, though - the two pieces are ambient/drone music that rely heavily on piano, so if that's not your thing... well, it still won't be your thing. =)
I've got my hands on a working camera again, so you can expect occasional updates from me.

Right now, I shall post a couple of paintings I have done in the past year.
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So I broke my camera. That's one reason I'm not updating much. But shhhh! Don't tell anyone (especially you, Hilary.) It might be fixable, though. I don't even know why it's acting the way it is.

I'm going to college. That's another reason I'm not updating much. It's a lot of fun, though, so... yeah.

I AM working on a painting though. Does anyone know if oil pastels will work on top of acrylics? I sure hope so.
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Aldo Arevalo is playing at the Sip on SATURDAY the 10th. Oops. Go to the Sip on Saturday, not Friday. Please!
No, I'm not back. Well, maybe I am. Just don't count on it.

Now that I'm back in good ol' Oregon I can do stuff again. That means photo-gravy, fractal crap, and maybe even painting. Maybe. We'll see.

This Friday is Aldo Arevalo's first live performance. I'm going to be there and I will enjoy it so much. You have no idea. For those in Salem, Oregon, here are the specifics -

Aldo Arevalo @ The Sip
Friday, June 9th (2006)
7:00 PM

Be there or be square.
I posted a poem. Nobody likes reading poems.

I wish I could sing and play guitar. I have the poem set to song, but I can't play it or sing it. It's always going to be like that.
The answer?

No. No I am not.

But hopefully I will be soon enough. I have a lot of ideas for art. A lot a lot. It will be quite a while before I can get any of it done, though.
The answer?

No. No I am not.

But hopefully I will be soon enough. I have a lot of ideas for art. A lot a lot. It will be quite a while before I can get any of it done, though.
A date, a command, a band. March Fourth.…

Freaking amazing music. That and March 4th is my birthday.
Oh, uh, hey there. Remember how I had a gallery showing in Silverton a while back? Well, tomorrow is going to be a showing of the same people (Kate, Aldo, Derek, and me) at the Coffee House Cafe downtown. It shall last all of July. It should be very cool. If you happen to live in Salem, Oregon, you could go look at it.

Or you could browse our accounts on DeviantArt.
It would appear that I now have 3000 page views. Took me long enough. =)
I think I'm going to go eat breakfast now that it is 3:17 PM.

I wrote a song for my pal Aelice ( ) and her webcomic Victim12. You can look at it here ( ) and you can listen to my song on the media page.

That is, if you are interested.
Well, I'm only gonna tell you about last night's dreams. Because there was a LOT of dreaming.

There was one part where I ordered something at a Chinese place because I wanted to try something new, and as the lady I ordered from was walking to the kitchen, I asked, "So what exactly is it?" She told me it was a giant insect served live. She ended up bringing it out, and it was a huge bug cut up into four pieces, but it was still moving.

Next part I remember is that I was in some sort of club place, but it was fairly unpopulated. Something happened and someone started freaking out, ended up shoving a woman's head into a table-saw. Wasn't too pretty to watch her head get torn into. Then a guy's got thrown into it, headfirst of course. I left the room because the guy whose head got thrown into it was supposed to be with his boyfriend. So I went to another room and saw the two making out, but I pulled the mask off of the face of the guy whose head just got thrown into the table saw. It turns out that the man whose "boyfriend" just got killed was making out with a woman. So he wasn't, in fact, gay. He then said to me, "You should try it, it's fun." So I walked back to the room with the woman freaking out, and I asked what I missed and someone said to me that I should be glad I missed what I did. But I kept asking what I missed because I wanted to know what happened.

Next part of the dream that I remember is that I was playing a piano for someone, improving a piece in F major. I was then in Glen's room (a friend) and we were writing music. I had an entire piano piece on his computer and he started mixing it, and ended up with an entirely new piece where the piano was in it but there was also techno and club elements, it was a freaking awesome song.

Next I remember, though somehow still connected to that last part, there was a man who was fighting a bigger man in a helicopter, and both ended up falling out of the side, but the bigger man caught on to the edge and the smaller man caught on to the bigger man. I climbed down a short ladder and hung upside down so that the smaller (and somehow the good guy) man could swing over and grab on to my arms. So he did, and I pulled him up and he climbed up the ladder, just as I did. (By the way, during this segment I am a woman up until this next point).

So we then walked into this room in the helicopter and there were a bunch of people sitting around, and I realized that I would have to fight them all. But the head boss (who is also Lee, my drama teacher), said that I needed to perform piano for them. So I said, "I write music, I don't play it." She just shook her head like I was lying, so I walked over to the piano in the corner of the room. I looked down and all of the keys were camouflage against each other, so I was really confused and didn't quite know what to do. I was going to play in F major again, but then I decided to play in Bb major because I wanted to do something different. So I found the Bb and played it, but it turns out that I played the Gb. So I looked and found the Bb, but I played the Gb somehow again. This cause me to notice that the piano was all out of order - the keys were really sparse in some areas and really clumped together in others. So I started picking them up and moving them, but they were in little tiny pieces like dominoes. I tried moving some but it was so hard, they'd just tilt and look weird on me, so I stood up and was like, "No, I'm not playing. Your piano sucks."

That's all I remember from last night's dream(s).
I'm having weird dreams again. I've told these to some people but I usually cut them down when explaining them to people either because I don't want to sound like a dumbass or that I'm making things up, or I don't want to take the time to explain things that are difficult to explain.

Oh, and please forgive the switching of tenses.

Earlier this week I had a dream that I was in love with a man who was dying of AIDS in the hospital. It turned into a musical which also turned out to be written and directed by me. That's the most condensed version of a dream you'll be getting.

Last night I had a dream that I'm not sure how to explain. At the start of it there was a man and a woman, and they were trying to stop something but they couldn't do it in time and a train hit them. Jump to the next part where I'm with them and they have to try again. For some reason they have to do this over and over until they succeed. So me and a bunch of friends get in some cars and drive to this field (by hopping fences and stuff in the cars) where someone is going to read some poetry. We set up some tents, but then I can't remember anything until another part of the dream where we're flying an airplane to some event in a stadium. The pilot opened a hatch in the plane and started dumping beer all over the crowds because apparently we were in some sort of competition and we had to one-up the people who had a gigantic statue in the middle of the stadium. Some guy then threatened to destroy the stock market unless he was paid something like four billion dollars in five minutes. I plotted to use my psychic powers on him, so I first used the contact power on his mind (as detailed in the Dungeons and Dragons Second Edition Psionicists Handbook which I reread recently), but I then asked the DM how long a round was and he said it was 5 minutes, so I didn't have enough time left to kill the guy with my powers so that he couldn't corrupt the stock market. That's about all I remember from last night.

A number of nights ago I had a dream where I was with my mom and she was driving us to a hotel because for some reason we couldn't stay at home, but I didn't want to go. When we got there, the place looked really shabby and I was very much against sleeping there, but I went inside and it had a sort of casino/cruise-ship look to it. I went over to this area with theater-type seating and noticed some desserts like flan and mousse (wow, did I spell that wrong?), so I sat down and looked over a menu. Everything was too expensive, but I noticed an item that was $0.00, so I thought I would order some. Cut to the next part of the dream I remember. My friend Leah is house-sitting this large house, sort of mansion-like. I had to stay there for some reason, like spend the night. Right before I went to sleep, there was a phonecall. I answered it and there was this guy who said something I couldn't understand, and so I naturally asked, "What?" He then said something like, "This is Dr. (so and so), (nonsensical garbage)," and then hung up. I was confused by this, so I just went to sleep. The next morning I woke up and went to the bathroom to go prepare myself for school, but Leah knocked on the door and said, "Kevin, I have to get ready for school too!". I responded, "Leah, there's another bathroom just down the hall." And she said, "But I wanna use this one!" And I said, "No, Leah, you can just use the other one. I'm already using this one." Cut to a little later (I forget segments of my dreams). I'm looking at the phone and the answering machine has 50 something messages. I decide to play the first one and it's the phonecall I got the previous night. Naturally, I'm weirded out. I then decide to listen to the rest, and suddenly (not awkwardly) there's this menu with a huge list of messages, categorized and everything. Note that this menu didn't appear on the answering machine - it's all I can see now.

TO BE CONTINUED! (with an edit)

Edit: Actually, I lied to you. I'm not gonna write any more about my dreams. Ha.