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Hello guys!
You know, while doing other client works, there are comics I do especially a collab with a friend.  Our comic/manga/graphic novel's called "Ponzi" which we started almost 6-7 years ago.

Story by M.B. and Lineart by Kevin Raganit [me]

Link to comic is below to…

and please follow us at our facebook page!  might contain shinanigans…

Hope you'all like it. Thank you and Take care! :D

Ponzi Volume 01 Cover by mb-ai
Hello all!
Hope everyone's doing well.  Just got power back (3 days of no power) after Hurricane Sandy hit.  Other than surviving, the rest of the days were drawing before the sun goes down and flashlight at night.  Gonna scan alot of my lineworks tonight, most will be used as samples when I open commissions in the middle of november.  So stay tuned!
And for the rest of east coast and everyone else, my thoughts and hopes to you all.

P.S. No zombies sighted thank goodness.