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Kevin Mulleady is a serial entrepreneur who has founded or co-founded over 25 successful companies. His expertise also extends into executive leadership, with a proven track record including management and board experience.

Kevin Mulleady has built a robust background with a very unique skill set. The synthesis of his multidisciplinary experiences transformed him into a well-rounded, seasoned entrepreneur at a young age. His self-starter mentality and determination further propel him to be successful in a wide variety of projects. Although sector agnostic, he has devoted recent focus to his technology portfolio, however; you never know what is around the corner for Kevin Mulleady.

While Kevin Mulleady remains hungry in the pursuit of professional excellence, he is also active in the philanthropic community, dedicating much of his time towards supporting organizations and projects with a focus on deserving causes. As a passionate philanthropist and world-traveler, Kevin is resourceful, analytical, results-driven, fearless, and ambitious.

Being heavily involved with business development for over 25 years, Kevin Mulleady understands how to effectively lead a team. Of the various organizations he has successfully built, one particular business model that Kevin Mulleady advocates for is a merit-based system. The overarching theme of this business model follows the principle, “credit is paid where credit is due”. In other words, merit-based businesses recognize and reward quality workmanship by operating on performance-based pay, rather than a standard salary – motivating employees to build strong skill sets and achieve higher goals for the betterment of the company and themselves. Here, Kevin Mulleady further discusses the power of a merit-based business. Establishes an Even Playing Field Life is often not fair, however; this should not be the case when growing a company by means of recruiting, hiring, and promoting employees. Kevin Mulleady believes in embracing diversity in the workplace and advocates that credit be
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Beginning as an entrepreneur is full of uncertainty and risk – and the way one approaches such challenges can ultimately dictate the fate of the company. Establishing and then executing a thorough business plan is pivotal in pinpointing where these possible challenges lie, providing guidance and clarity upon which business philosophies may offer the most appropriate solutions. Furthermore, taking on a perspective outside of oneself – perhaps via a mentor or peer who once walked in similar shoes – can act as a cushion against any missteps and even offer encouragement to overcome tribulations. “We all must start somewhere,” says Kevin Mulleady, a successful, sector-agnostic entrepreneur. “And while many of us may exude enough inspiration to face obstacles completely solo, it is much more efficient to bear the burden if we have someone to first show us how to balance its weight. This is one of the many benefits of having a mentorship.” Until you find that perfect mentor, Kevin Mulleady
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From Google and Microsoft all the way to the White House, America has seen a surge of initiatives to encourage the prioritization of science, technology, engineering, and mathematical (STEM) education in classrooms across the country. And while introducing and encouraging the principles of STEM is key for young students who want to succeed in math and science-based careers, these same principles can be equally as helpful for those who aspire to create and build their own business. “If you want to be an entrepreneur, you have to have more than a great idea,” says Kevin Mulleady, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist. “You must be agile – the world of business is a dynamic environment. There are a multitude of problems just waiting for solutions, so critically thinking is paramount to your success as an entrepreneur.” Engineering Teaches You to Tinker – A Necessary Entrepreneurial Skill Says Kevin Mulleady “I don’t think it’s a coincidence that many entrepreneurs begin as
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