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So, I posted a few paintings back LAST YEAR, and then realized that I haven't checked messages or posts or anything in anywhere from 2 - 4 years, and frankly that equals one fact:

I'm a bum.

How on earth can I have access to such a cool place to share art with my friends (and more) and not be using it more often?

Well, one thing is that I remember things as well as a rock would remember them (and I mean an actual rock, not the dude who fights in 'rasslin').  Also, I get distracted easily, so by the time I start working in regular e-mails and then step away to do somethign in the house, one thing leads to another and *whoosh* I forgot.  Yep, that danged ol' attention deficit junk rearing it's ugly hea...OH! LOOK! SHINY!!

Wait, where was I?  

Yeah, so I need to get into DA and start really checking it out and perusing it more.  It's dumb not to.

I apologize to all the great folks who've posted such NICE comments on my art and profile since I haven't replied to some since 2008 (well, except for the guy from the middle east who posted spam on my profile, that ass).  Anyway, I wasn't being a jerk and ignoring folks--I just was being dumb about what to do next, I guess.

Hope to post more often here, and see ya in the funny pages!



What happens when your letter goes to the wrong Santa?

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This year's video ends with some alternate scenes.

Thanks to Antone "Santa Fish" Wade, and the photographers Lisa "Rocketgirl" McGeorge, Janet Wade and Lin Workman.

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