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Flare 2: Start Orb for Windows 10 (Classic Shell)



Since Microsoft keep pushin us this Windows 10 updates to our bums, Most of you won't
be able to use the old technique of modding since there are no way to change the orb to a system level.
So with this i present you the "V.2" for use with Classic Shell. With greater options that I hope you'll like,
well mostly just 3 symbol options with 2 alternate light directions.

Designed for Windows 10


1. Google and Download the latest version 'Classic Shell'
2. Open and Follow the setup process,
3. Check only 'Classic Start Menu' and 'Classic Shell Update' if you just want to change the orb. (OPTIONAL)
4. Open the application and open the Settings.
5. Check 'Replace Start Button' option, and pick the 'Custom'.
6. Pick the orb you want, and walla.

If you dont want the 'Classic Shell' version of start menu and just want to change the Orb, you can do this:
1. In the 'Classic Shell' app settings, go to 'Basic Settings' Tab
2. Turn the 'Left Click Opens', 'Shift+Click opens', 'Windows Key opens', and 'Shift+Win opens'
   into "Windows Start Menu".


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I can use with StartIsBack?