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Warren and the Yeti



From my story Allied Enemies:

Some quick backstory first.
Even as a child, Janey Warren despised people who barked but did not bite. She hated politicians in particular as she felt words without action were meaningless. When she grew old enough to advice her father's rebellion, The Children of DelCarlo, her determination to show up the politically minded main hero earned her his seat on the advisory board. Over time and with the aid of a corrupted A.I. that enslaved her mind, Janey Warren turned her innocent vision of a better free world into a dystopian dictatorship that engulfed a majority of civilized nations across several planets. She treated the hero as an enemy and tormentied him with her idea of action prevailing over words.

Voice vs. Action is an important theme in Allied Enemies. The voice is represented as the color blue and the action is orange. This applies for all of Allied Enemies. It was important that I force Janey and the Hero to switch roles as they learn the values in both, forcing them to work together, making them allied enemies. When the Hero is cast out of his own rebellion, he is forced to take action to stop Janey before she makes her corrupted vision a reality. Meanwhile, Janey is becoming the most powerful individual in all of history and forced to become a political speaker as she spreads her influence. She never admits to being a slave to what she hated most, until the events that transpire in this painting…

Ok, now for the painting.
With the main protagonist (hero) incarcerated in Camp Jericho and out of the way, Janey Warren continues her climb for ultimate dominance as she builds her "Perfect World". By now Janey is the Empress of the Olandrian Empire, Leader of Free Earth, and the leader of the Rays of Warren, a policing and fanatic cult that imprison Janey within her own icon as an excuse to murder, burn, and pillage all who do not measure to perfection. The Rays of Warren paint themselves orange and spread war to all nations who are sane enough to reject Janey as the Sunshine of the Perfect World.
Janey is on a tour to rally nations across several planets to join her kingdom when she is rejected by the people of the icy planet of Detosha. They are wise enough to see Janey's growing power is being fueled by something unworldly that is causing sane people to become radical followers on a path to destruction. The Rays of Warren pressure Janey to convince the Detoshians that she is chosen to unite humanity under one name. They had witnessed her public execution by fire, her miraculous unharmed survival, and the crumbling of the Earth United Government at her command. Janey is forced to stand before a provoked and territorial Detoshian Yeti Spider to prove she is invincible.

The moment Janey Warren stands before the Yeti Spider, she has a big character change. Knowing she is not invincible and certain she will die, Janey recalls a moment as a child when the main hero told her that he was confronted by a yeti in the ruins of Cortez City. He said he mimicked it's scary vibrating cries and the yeti was intimidated. At the time she laughed at his empty words as there was no proof he or anyone could chase off a giant spider. But now, she has no hope but to trust that by mimicking the sounds of the spider, it may spare her life. At this moment she is admitting that her voice can be stronger than her actions. This is when she realizes her "Perfect World" is wrong.

In the painting, the yeti is feeling threatened. Although generally not aggressive, yeti spiders can be very territorial. The spider is colored blue to symbolize the power of voice. The girl is Janey Warren, currently trying to stay graceful. This does not last when she becomes certain the spider will kill her.

The yeti spider was featured in one of my earlier paintings "Ice Guardian":
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