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Siren Concept Art

The repercussion of Felix Freeh's BE FREEH campaign is the genetic disease named Parch Lobe Syndrome. Sibal Azhar Masih-Parch, an Arabic-American scientist, discovered that the frontal lobes of young minds were deteriorating and therefore established a research foundation focused on eliminating the disease.

Years later, a new class of dystopian society arose called SIRENS. These women are highly augmented females with the sole purpose of distributing a Parch Lobe Syndrome suppresser. They also played a role as upper-class courtiers with sexual connotations, often returning to a state brothel at the end of each tour.

Sirens have augmentations that allow them to manipulate minds using projection hormones, a science related to Felix Freeh's research. This allows them to seduce clients and government officials for pleasure and assassination. Other augmentations assist in brutal murder including contraptions too dark to describe.

Sirens play a big part in politics because of their legal right to assassinate when a contract is paid for by the "free people". Individuals with great political importance are often in the company of Sirens to show their trust in lower classes of society. They also risk their lives knowing that murder is always a potential if the popularity is down.

SIRENS in Allied Enemies:

Mallory Kramer manipulates Janey Warren into killing a Siren on Sunshine Plaza. The Siren had arrived to make a contract with the people of Colorado who had recently suffered a great massacre. She was offering a way to eliminate the politician responsible. Janey Warren denied this offer and sparked a revolution, showing that the "free people" didn't need prostitute-assassins to regulate government.

The main hero, Ethan, is invited to a brothel to meet with a Siren who claims she can save Janey Warren from Mallory Kramer. This is a trap however and the hero is seduced by the Siren, triggering a drugged and dream-like struggle with the assassin. When the Siren's processor core is disconnected from her brain, a massive EMP blast induces a seizure on everyone near the brothel except the hero.

The hero, Ethan, meets a Siren during a New Years Party. This Siren is mute and fitted with a chameleon suit, allowing her to disguise herself as anyone, particularly Janey Warren. This brutal encounter ends with a bomb blast that destroys the gravity well on the space station, killing millions of lives. The Siren had tried to justify the necessity to kill so many before Warren controlled them.

The hero, Ethan, interrupts a Siren's propaganda against Janey Warren and her Rays of Warren rebellion. He has a deep argument about the truth of Warren, her slavery to Kramer and her own rebels, and his goal to free her and the rest of humanity. When successful, the Siren gives the stage to Ethan, giving him the chance to convince thousands to join the League of Veterans (L.O.V.) in a final assault against the Rays of Warren and Kramer.

Ethan's first encounter with a Siren gives him serious side effects that parallel Janey Warren's rise to power. He later learns that he is suffering the effects of Parch Lobe Syndrome and is starting to fall for Janey's false illusion of a "Perfect World". He fights insanity long enough to eliminate Kramer and free humanity from forced perfection.
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