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Elf WG 1 by CHUNKS


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Elf WG 1 by CHUNKS


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Dat Dress


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Fluttershy - is the best pony


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Nerd Girl and the Stereotype Squad

My little pony

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Souls and Sparkles

To write something that is meaningful to someone else, you must first write something that is meaningful to yourself. There are a thousand rooms in each person's mind, and each mind is a maze because it has been tangled. The hallways are criss-crossing and clumping, like long hair in the wind. Society has made it so. We all have impure thoughts. Things that would make us "bad", unequal, or imperfect. Thoughts that make us different in gloriously unusual ways. We are born into the world unashamed, but then we are taught the unspoken words. Words that are rules. Words like normal, like good and bad, ugly and pretty. We are taught that if we d


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MtG: Vampire Envoy


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