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TMNT #3 Portfolio Plate

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Oh my those crazy teenagers. Who's hanging onto the door for dear life there.
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This is so Cool Dude !!!

Love needs to be free...
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So much for the ol' way of invisibility, huh?
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Concept art for the Turtle Van / Party Wagon.

Those look like ninjas in front of the News stand.

I always thought New York streets were wider than that.
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Grand Theft Auto - TMNT
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Ha my first ever TMNT book ah the memories.
itt0ryu's avatar
lol, great action :D
GoldenWingedAngel's avatar
I own a toy version of the turtle van. But it's so beat up and faded. Awesome man. Just total awesomeness! :tmnt3:
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Just another night raising some shell! XD
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Amazing! The concept for the Turtle Van... I used to love the look of this thing so much, ever since the episode of the first TV series, when it was introduced. Then when I got the Turtle Van playset as a kid, and couldn't put it down. I regret ever getting rid of it (Though it was pretty beat up after several years of adventures).

Looks like the van didn't change much from its original concept. Was it you who came up with the idea for the Turtle Van, Kevin?
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From what I've read, there never was a Turtle Van in the comics. That, I believe, is part of a story where April's van gets mistaken for a criminal van. But, it might have served as inspiration.
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Love the expression on the turtle hanging out the door.
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Cool man, VW van! great drawing.
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This is how the streets of new york looks in my fantasy XD
I just love scribbels >< It looks more alive than a finished picture^^
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HIPI BUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE HIPI BUSES!!!!!!!
Nice XD
wheretheresawil's avatar
It's going to be quite the challenge to not fave everything you submit based on sheer principle, Kev. But sketchy old school Turtles stuff? I gotta. I may have to attempt to do my own spin on this at some point.
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kinda need to agree with ya... hehe this is amazing! original sketches from wayyyy back...
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wow :love: this is awesome
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Yes! VDubb for the win! Who's that hanging on for dear life, and who the heck is driving?
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