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Raph's Ready

By Kevineastman
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Another Fun Example of a Typical Fan Comission Sketch! (I'll put up two more of the other Guys for fun!)
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UncleScooterProfessional Digital Artist
Very nice work, sir! I dig how you did the lines and strokes- Raph's my favorite of the Turtles =D
"Huh. Did everything just taste purple for a second?"- Fry ("Futurama"- Season 4, Ep.8: "The Why of Fry")
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Rap is the law !!!!!!!!
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Damn, he looks so badass!

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Raphael is my favorite turtle. I really love his psychological traits. I hope to see more arts of him, and of all the characters. I like fugitoid a lot too.
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itt0ryuProfessional General Artist
Raphael is my favorite turtle.
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JakeMcCormickHobbyist Digital Artist
My most fav, angsty turtle :)
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**kneels down and praises Mr. Eastman** I AM NOT WORTHY OF YOUR AWESOMENESS!
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This rocks my BRAIN!
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Awesome favorite turtle. Really looking forward to the new comic :)
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Ahhh, my favourite badass, sai-wielding mean-machine. :happybounce:
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alexandrasalasProfessional Digital Artist
I love Raph! He looks so badass here. :D
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I've always been amazed at the incredible range of attitude and emotions that these guys can display. Those eyes say everything, and I'd never want to stand in Raph's way of anything.
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ShearkinHobbyist Traditional Artist
yeah Raph! ^^
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Woot for raph! :)
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Raphael is my favorite Turtle of the bunch! Excellent work here, Mr. Eastman!
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siskavardProfessional Filmographer
Raphael is cool, but rude.
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Give me a break!
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TMNTChiciStudent Digital Artist
Raph looks so cool here :3
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CheungKinMenHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome, Raph is my favorite turtle.
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shawnortizStudent Traditional Artist
cause he's a badass!
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By far, Raph is my favorite character. Insta-fav!
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reapergrimm8Hobbyist General Artist
My favourite Turtle is ready to do what he does best.
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He's Kevin's favorite too.
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CraigWinslowStudent Traditional Artist
raph is friggen awesome
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