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Leonardo jumps

Typical TMNT Character Comission Sketch!
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You still got it, Kevin.
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You did great art of Leonardo, Mr. Eastman. 
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It be great to see you & peter laird come together to do another major storyline for a TMNT comic or graphic novel.
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glad to see your TMNT artworks again :) yay for Kevin :boogie:
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green men an jump
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Yay Leo! Love that pose, it's awesome!

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I love the kickass gritty-style. Very nice piece.
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Really sweat, Leonardos always been my fav, but I still love em all
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Hi Kevin, I don't think I am wrong in saying these inks of the TMNT have the same effect on me as Miller's Batman. Inky and iconic. The dark, mean-eyed subterranean hero was a zeitgeist of popular comics in my childhood.
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whoa these are cool!
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Leonardo is the best :D :thumbsup:
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Damn, Leo looks so badass! Once again, totally loving his legs/feet and the musculature. Very awesome lines. :meow:
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I just love the fearless linework here, with those bold, thick black lines. Oh, how happy this stuff makes me.
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Its a sketch and still being so AWESOME!!
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That's cool!
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Leonardo leads.
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the best turtle!
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