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Don's Set

Here--now we have all four! Lots more coming!
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Awesome pic! The Donatello action figure was my first exposure to TMNT. That was almost 25 years ago (!), but I still have a special place in my heart for him. Love Donny. Love your gallery. And love the Turtles. Thank you for bringing them into the world!
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I love it. Classic.
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Nice Don pose.

Madness is twin brother of genius, because each live in world created by own ego. One is sometimes mistaken for the other. ~ Charlie Chan, from 'Charlie Chan at the Opera'

Ohana means family. Family means nobody is left behind or forgotten. ~ Lilo & Stitch

Remember, follow your heart and you'll be fine. Follow your dream, it's the key to everything. ~ Rinaldo from 'The Bride'
PsychoAndy's avatar
Nice! I especially like the top part of the bo. That's a cool way to render the wood grain.
Kerushi100's avatar
Donnie was one of my childhood heroes. Who am I kidding, he's still my hero today.
Moogleborg's avatar
Donatello for life! :D
bagasuit091's avatar
Love the looseness of these, and the sense of action. Don was always a favorite.
itt0ryu's avatar
Kick ass dude
the-forsaken-h34rt's avatar
i died in a childhood dream
this must be my childhood heaven
CuddlesAndHuggles's avatar
Donnie!! <3 My favorite turtle~ He looks awesome! All four of these images are great. : ) Always a pleasure to see art from you. : )
Atticustm1's avatar
DONATELLO! (he was my favorite. an ass kicking nerd; my kind of hero)
Skandron's avatar
Man, I love the sketchy style and his expression is great. =D
neiyoko's avatar
this is so awesome XD
wingsofdragons's avatar
Kicks ass.......!
amortortuga's avatar
Shearkin's avatar
oh wow!!! looks' amazing!
Squival's avatar
mdizzle999872's avatar
My favorite turtle
siskavard's avatar
Donatello does machines.
ClockworkGhostie's avatar
These are all four very awesome pics. ^_^
reapergrimm8's avatar
A brainiac that can kick your ass.
TMNTChici's avatar
Aww, Donnie! =w=<3
shawnortiz's avatar
awesome! can't wait for the idw book to come out.
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