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Corben Cover

Of the Three different versions available, here's one of my favorites, the Richard Corben one!
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theaven's avatar
I had this cover autographed
Flinxerone's avatar
I sure love Corben's work.
michalivan's avatar
wow, thanks for sharing this, there is something weird and great at the same time in Corbens work. I love that
WARDOGart's avatar
Hi Kevin,
I just wanted to thank you for that superb hardcover collection of Creepy/Eerie Corben artwork you released a while back.
BigChrisGallery's avatar
I love this! This is from the reprint of issue 2! One of the first TMNT books that i had ever bought!
RWB1980's avatar
April's rack!!
proconpictures's avatar
I was gonna buy this but then I saw the Glen Fabry cover. However, this (volume 1, issue 2) is still my all times favorite classic TMNT cover.
tattered420's avatar
Love april in this, she's so scared but excited.
Madpredator's avatar
April was supposed to be so sexy???
KageReneko's avatar
Classic April's rack!!
poolshostage's avatar
Looks like an old movie kinda i like it!
Viper-X27's avatar
Don kinda looks like he's gonna bite his Bo.
itt0ryu's avatar
I love April's tits :3
JohnVichlenski's avatar
Ablebaker's avatar
Most excellent:)
AprilONeil1984's avatar
the art work is so cool!
StriderSyd's avatar
This was the 1st TMNT comic that I got.
.....think I'll go find it and read it again.
ScaringTimeAway's avatar
wow i love the art on this one
creepyboy's avatar
Corben gave a great, unique look to the Turtles.
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