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Coolidge Park

Commissioned for a local charity art show--I finished 95% of the painting, and one day Simon Bisley stopped by and asked if play around with it. A fun team up, and it helped raise a bunch of money.
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That look so amazing! Emoticon: TMNT Leonardo 
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Looks great! Always love your work Eastman!
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Whoops!!  It is your work Mr. Eastman--'scuse me there!
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This-IS----9_9----EPIC!!  Looks just like Eastman and Laird's work!!  Super job!!  GR8NESS!!!
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TMNTs on canvas just works.
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Wow who knew that Raph was into Owling XD

I love this pic. he looks so stoic keeping watch to maintain the peace and safety of the denizens of NYC. Soooo awesome!

Thank you SO much for TMNT Mr.Eastman, my mom raised me with them (born in 83) and made sure I had a full set of Turtle action figures as a kid. I even had a Shredder too for my guys to go kick around Lol! Though tea parties with Splinter always got me odd looks. Go fig.
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An amazing piece, love the composition, setting, colours, everything. Congrats to the both of you.
Eastman, Bisley and awesome combination.
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The setting is fantastic.
A brilliant piece.
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I love it how a lot of people don't realize this is actually the man who CREATED the Ninja Turtles in the 80's alongside his business partner Peter Laird. Its like if Steve Ditko had a deviant art and people posted "Nice work man but I think you screwed up his hand."
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I agree. This man is THE man.
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This is... I can`t even express how much I love this, ghaaaah!!!
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very amazing your art has a lot of personality
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My heart just stopped, thats how awesome this is. Holy cow. :faint:

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This is Epic, more than just an art, it´s an alive atmosphere.
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Mr. Eastman, I just wanted to let you know that this pic of yours is featured here:[link]

I know it's not such a big deal but, anyways, I prefer to tell you :)
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my childhood fantasy's coming alive.Tmnt rocks!
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Oh, woooooow, that is just gorgeous. So striking and yet so peaceful in a way.
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my freaking god, this is amazing work, i hope i get this good someday!!!!!
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