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Bisley Cover

The Fourth Cover from the one and only best bud of mine, Simon Bisley! I'm going to have to find a way for Simon and I to do another TMNT story together--we haven't done one since 1996 with "Bodycount"!
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LoboDibujaLocura's avatar
This is so brutal!! love the turtles love the pizza and master bisley's work!
sidetrack1's avatar
Michaelangelo and Donatello's bandana colors are mixed up
Eastforth's avatar
Both pieces together= brilliant!
wegj's avatar
i forgot to buy this at sdcc, i need to get one!
illahstrait's avatar
Did Rob Liefield ever draw a turtles comic book cover? On another note If I remember correctly Bisley did the art for the video game "Weaponlord."
illahstrait's avatar
I still own an issue of bodycount. I turn 31 in Nov. I believe the cover features lots of bullets and casey jones and raph on the cover and lots of dead bodies. I also own a few of the mirage and archie comics.
ohTHATsean's avatar
Great cover to a great series!
AngusMcTavish's avatar
Michaelangelo's face on the front cover...Priceless!
nikkimagnusson's avatar

Beautiful Artistry… Perfect !!....puss puss Nikki
darkcrazyboy's avatar
freaakin awweesome :DD
Code-E's avatar
extremely awesome! But why are Don and Mike trading weapons?
Jerakip's avatar
Biz. Best of the best.
jel's avatar
Ah yes I remember Bodycount, it was awesome! I think I didn't manage to find the final issue though :/
KageReneko's avatar
Donny and Mike exchanged weapons!!
Cepillo16's avatar
25 years of TMNT isn´t enough, we need as twice !
Code-E's avatar
AT LEAST twice!
Mastergodai's avatar
cool Fall of the foot clan GB game cover ^_^
GENZOMAN's avatar
Love Bodycount. Was one of my favorite miniseries back then.
itt0ryu's avatar
God dammit fucking Bisley, that artist is a god!
ShockWaveX2's avatar
Darkroot27's avatar
huge fan, Eastman, Laird, Bisley. The trifactor of greatness.
AncientEchidna's avatar
oldmanwinters's avatar
Has Bisley's cover image ever been printed before?

I don't recognize it from anything in the TMNT archives.

Seems like a strange creature the turtles are fighting!
Falljoydelux's avatar
I don't know why, but I started cracking up when I saw the "Heavy Metal" on Shredder's helmet
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