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Wonder Women

Just a little tribute art inspired by cosplayer Jay Justice and her Nubia costume as well as a young lady who cosplayed with her as Donna Troy in this photo (if any of you guys happen to know who the 2nd gal is, send her my way. I'd love for her to see this.) Jay herself and a few other friends inform me that she's fellow cosplayer, Adya Moran. Thanks. ^_^ I thought they looked amazing and have been itching to draw them for some time. :)
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Wow, just amazing! :w00t!:
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Great job! Beautifully done!
This is kind of cool.  Nice work :)
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Nubia really needs more press.
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Agreed, it sucks that you can only find this version of Nubia in Final Crisis 7 and (new52) Action Comics #9 (and in Action comics #9 she has a new uniform and straight hair, so she's barely recognizable as the same character, but it's her.).
Really nice! I've always wondered what some superheroes would look like as other ethnic groups.
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Great job here.
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This woman looks like an inspiration for African American cosplayers!
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Thank you Kevin! This is AH-mazing! You just don't know how much joy this illustration has brought this 42-year-old woman that used to play superheros with her guy cousins. I always chose Wonder Woman, but as a little chocolate girl, I was ever aware that we looked nothing alike and that would kinda take some of the embodying the character away from me. Seeing your interpretation of Nubia just makes my day! She looks just like ME!! MY SOUL THANKS YOU!!
Hey man, you turned me on to a way cool and inspirational dude who's also a cool writer. You did that while also creating a really neat dynamic piece. 2X inspirational combo, man.
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Words cannot express my joy for this. Kevin, once again you do not fail to impress me. Keep up the good work.
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Great drawing of them and the picture is fantastic as well. Beautiful and powerful at the same time. Love it.
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they' THANK YOU so much for seeing the beauty behind dark skin! so few people appreciate them and media doesn't do it at all T-T
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I love you for saying that.
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Sorry, I haven't been on this site in years! otherwise I would have replied sooner but I'm so glad you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about! I just wanted to thank you for that, better late than never right?
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Wonder women for sure! Great pose and other art techniques, Kevin.
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Absolutely beautiful. You captured these cosplayers wonderfully. c:
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They look amazing! I love Nubia's posture: cool and confident, and Donna has such a bright, intent expression. I'm with everyone who appreciates that they're muscular. These are women who look physically powerful, and are no less feminine because of it.
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