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When Kevins Collide

Read MORE "I'm My Own Mascot" here:…

Good to know my inner child has my back.
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Get your premium roasts here, people.
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omg that was a sick burn
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From a 5YEAR OLD.
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I'm highly impressed your inner 5 year old knows how to work out percentages. 
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LMBO! That is great. Simply the best. Aaaw kids. They know how to get ya when you least expect it.
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This is amazing. ;u;
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Nothing else needs to said.
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I met my inner child once before. I asked him "Did you ever expect us to get this far?" And he said "No...I thought my future would involve more cookies and ice cream." Well I hate to disappoint the little guy so...if you'll excuse me...time to go find some ice cream.
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N'aw, 5-year-old Inner You is adorable~! owo
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Owww, this is so cute and cheerful. :heart: Love it !
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It's nice that you don't only have our support outside, but your own support on the inside as well.
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Don't listen to that negative person~!
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Too bad 5 year olds don't know this much math. (negative voice, lol)
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Unwed? But you have a member of the female persuasion who cohabitants your lair, that puts you way ahead of many. Not me of course but many.
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YAY!!! Score 1 point for Inner 5 Year Old! :w00t:
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this is precious 
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Well, you can always fix one thing that is getting you down and marry that nice woman who has been by your side. Through the best and the worst of times and conventions. 
The-Almight-Vincent's avatar
Don't Let the Pressures of Society get to you. Inner Child Kev Is Right!! <3 Keep your Head up
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Yay the self- loathing :D
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